Thursday, January 8, 2009

What's up??

So in the last couple days:
- T was laid off from his very successful job we had planned on being a career.
- I went from part-time speech therapist / mom, to full-time therapist over-night.
- Overnight, I also went from a positive, happy ball of faith to a sniffling, pile of pity.
- We went from planning on moving to Chapel Hill for an even better job -
- To a big question mark????
- I went from having too much to say to being pretty much speechless. I'll let you know when things change a bit.


Anonymous said...

I want you guys to know we are thinking and praying for you. If you guys need anything, just let us know. We will help out anyway we can. Love you, Chrissy

Abbie H. said...

I'll be praying for you and your family right now. I know in times like these it is most hard to know that God is in control. It doesn't make it any easier right now, but it will be understood one day-at least that's my experience.

Of course, let God be your number one ear, but know that you have my number and can call any time you need another ear.

Beth said...

Oh, MY! We'll be praying for you guys, and that the Lord would lead you were you need to be (I admit I would love God to lead you closer to us :-)
Praying peace in the storm, and that you would see God work in a BIG way!

Thad said...

Sorry to hear of your troubles. We pray that things will turn around for you and your family.

Anonymous said...

I had no idea until Nick just told me the news I am soooo sorry. I am sure everything will work out fine.