Tuesday, August 24, 2010

For: YOU From: Africa


SO - our newest fundraiser!!!! These items were shipped from a company which buys from Africa and then donates a portion of their proceeds to feeding hungry children. Please, please, please forward this link to everyone you know, share on Facebook, (take out a road sign) etc. We can always order more items and would love to see that thermometer on the right moving again!

Adorable, stuffed giraffes and zebras; made in Kenya. $10 each They would make great keepsakes for adopted little ones or just as a unique gift for someone you love.

Massai beaded wrap around bracelets ; also from Kenya - $7 each.

Large colorful Tuareg bangles; Made in Mali. - $5 Each.
Small, woven Tuareg bracelets; Made in Mali. - $2 Each

Bangel Set: 1 large bangle and 4 smaller bracelets - $10 Set.

** Orders may be made on our PayPal donation site on the right. Please specify in the comment section which items you would like for your donation to our adoption fund. We would also appreciate you adding $2 for each order (no matter how many items are ordered) to help defray shipping costs. (unless you are having me hand-deliver of course - for my Lexington or SC friends)

Why still fundraising?????

Now that we have submitted our dossier and finished that stage of our adoption (think first semester of pregnancy - the throw up, nauseous, tired part) - we are on to the 'Honeymoon' portion where we wait months and months until our name is farther up the list - and then the third trimester, the heartburn and stay-up-all-night portion, of this paper pregnancy commences!

In the meantime, our goal is to raise the money needed to accept the referral of our little girl. When we get her picture, information, name - we will have 2 days to send in our acceptance paperwork and $5500. This money pays for her care in the orphanage and the remainder of our agency fees.

A month to two months later, we hope to have a court date assigned and will have to travel to Ethiopia to the tune of about $5-6,000. And that's just for Tony and I. We would love to take the kids on that trip but are leaving it up to God as far as funding goes.

Thank you so much!!

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Christie said...


Thanks so much for stopping by my blog and encouraging ME! Goodness, I will be praying for you and your adoption journey. We know that God's timing is PERFECT!

Yes, small world, we live in Waxhaw!

Will be following from now on!