Monday, August 27, 2012

Seamless Transition

"it is so, so rare that I see a child who transitions so seamlessly" -- these, my friends were the words of our social worker at our first post-adoption visit.  I was all smiles, all day.   As I told Tony, yes - I knew she was doing good.  But to hear it from a professional, that made it so much more real!

(and in answer to the question I am getting quite frequently - 'why more home study visits, she isn't yours yet?  can they still take her away?'  NO.  She is legally ours, although we needed this homestudy report to re-adopt in the states to change her name to Olivia as it is still Selamawit legally.   The visits are more to check on us and see if we have any questions, need any support - and more importantly - will be sent on to Ethiopia to let them know their child is in a loving home.)

Our social worker also kept saying "I am just in shock!" at her bonding, her words, her following any direction we gave her.   And I think we have been a little in shock as well.   And don't think for a second this is due to us being great parents, because there are tons of parents way more patient and wise than Tony and I who are still having difficulties adjusting with their little ones.  I just think God knew that we needed an easy adoption, as I had thrown enough temper tantrums during the 3 years leading up to her!  I think he may have been tired of hearing me whine.   

So back to our rare child... and rare she is!! 
(these facts are more for my future reference than yours but feel free to read on or scroll down for some videos of our little ham!)

- At one day in my care, she would not go to my sister or mom and would scream outside my bathroom door or at the door of the shower.   How did she know I was hers and not my sister??
- On day two, she pulled away from the nannies who have been taking care of her for 5 months when they reached for her.

At 4 months:
- she is toddling - everywhere!   Climbing steps, sitting on her bum to scoot back down them.    Climbing up on stairs.
- she is eating - everything!  Fruit, pasta, pieces of meat, some veggies.
- she is signing - A TON!   She is using the signs:  milk, dog, eat, cold, bird, water, music, butterfly, please, cookie, sleep.   And for the first time today, looked at me and signed "LOVE + YOU"!!!
- she is talking - ALOT.   She can say on her own:  dada, mama, (ba)nana, Addi, Nana, cookie, baby, water, up, down, Papaw, dog, no, ow, diaper, hat, hot, hello (for the phone), book, bath.

- I kinda gave her a speech test to see where she ranked and she was above average.  At 2 months home :)

Lil sis is just so, so much fun.  And so, so loud.   Her words are loud enough for the neighbors to hear.   ESPECIALLY in a restaurant or church.   If it's quiet - she feels it is her duty to be loud.  

We have still seen a little bit of 'adoptive child' reactions but they are getting better.  She was originally scared to death of average sized men.  She would climb me like a scared cat if a young guy came in the room.   This hasn't happened in a while.   She had done great for 2 Sundays in the church nursery so on visit #3 I didn't check on her after 5 min of her doing fine.   I came back to find her doing her 'sniffling' really, really upset cry.   The remainder of that week she was SO clingy and didn't want me to leave the room.    And she is sort of that way after a week of me working a lot.  In the evenings, she just wants me to hold her - which is kind of hard with 3 others who have homework and need to eat.   Showers have gotten better with her now sitting at my feet vs. screaming at my feet to be picked up.  Ever try washing your hair with one hand and a toddler on your hip??  Not the easiest thing ever!!

Here are a couple videos to make you smile :)  Cause we do most of the day and we ought to share a little....