Monday, January 17, 2011

26,000 Today

There is a new hit in the bloggy world named Dan. He quit his job to start a blog called "Single Dad Laughing". And while some of his posts are pretty hysterical - Dan also can get into some deep posts that make you really think. Like yesterday's post regarding the Holocaust murders. Startling. Humbling. And def. worth the read.

But as I was scrolling through the images, I couldn't help but think about the other images that we never see.

In Richard Stearns' book "The Hole in Our Gospel" (if you are a Christian, or an atheist, you pick; you really need to read this book) - he speaks of the pandemonium that would ensue if we were to wake up to the headlines "One Hundred Jetliners Crash, Killing 26,500". Think about the implications -- airports shut down, non-stop media coverage, world-wide task forces to investigate the causes. We would hear about who had died, and the memorials to the victims, young and old. And that's just in one day. What if we woke up the next morning to the same news? We would think the world must surely be coming to an end.

ONE DAY = 26,000 DEAD.

To compare visually, I found a photo of the recent Arizona memorial service at the University of Arizona in which the President spoke. You can't even see the entire arena but it is a huge crowd of 26,000 come to mourn the shooting victims.
Now image that that arena were full of children. With toothless grins, skinned knees, wide eyes. Imagine your little boy or girl in the front seat - smiling and waving. Surrounded by your nieces and nephews. Their whole elementary school.

That image is how many children die every day from preventable causes. The number of deaths per day. And not number of people who die from AIDS.... number of people killed by cigarette smoking... but the number of children, just children, who die from preventable causes - every day.

Because of malnutrition. Diarrhea. Poor water. Basic childhood illnesses.

And again the next day.
And the next.

And yet, what have you read in the news about it? Where are the memorial services? Where are the documentaries? Where is the outrage?

People love to point out the bad in the world. How 'bout the good? Be the change. Pick one child to start with. One child that you will take out of that arena. One child that you will provide vaccines, healthy food, preventative medicines, and clean water. An education. The saving grace of Jesus Christ. Just one.

But it's a start. One may just be a number, but to that child, it's a pretty important one.


Beth said...

Love you, friend. Your compassion for the children of the world is awesome. It breaks my heart to know what these children suffer through... and then I see all the money spent on the Golden Globes last night and the foolishness of it all... I simply pray, "Come, Lord Jesus, come!"

babysteps 2 where we want 2 be said...

chris and i were just talking about this last night because im fed up with hearing about the arizona shootings... sad sure, i feel bad for their families, but come on it should not be making headlines on all news channels and all online news. in retrospect to 26000 kids dying EVERY SINGLE DAY!!! ugh why dont people care

Angi: Tim Cooper said...

Tracy- I am also reading this same book and the 26,000 number everyday makes me SICK to my stomache... Thank you for posting this... if Americans knew... then I know they would care... because when they know of a few shot they care... I don't know why the news doesn't share about Ethiopia?

The Beaver Bunch said...

Amazing. I'm linking to this post right now.

Brandy Wade said...

Great post! Very well said.

Debb said...

Such a good post! Sad. But true. ONE can sure be a big number when it is impacting a life for the positive....thanks for the post! WIll have to get me that book!

Rob and Candy said...

great post my friend!