Saturday, January 29, 2011

5 Months DTE!

One more month down! And finally, thank the Lord finally, there has been more movement in regards to referrals with our agency. So now we are officially in the top 10 for a baby girl!! BUT, we have 20 above us waiting so that means that with every 3-4 referrals, we may only move 1 or 2 up our list, but hey, I'll take that! We celebrate each DTE-versary as our agencies official estimate is the receival of a referral at 7-11 months post DTE for an infant girl. So we're getting closer!!

At this pace, we are still hoping (fingers crossed) that we might be able to see her sweet face in March, travel for court maybe in late April, and go get her early June?? Maybe. We get so many ask - "so do you know who she is yet?" Nope. Not until we get that call that tells us all about our referral angel child.

So without further ado, the pic you have been waiting on.....


And I also know you have been waiting all month just to find out the flavor of the month. This month we celebrated with the fan favorite :
Cherry GarciaChosen for its accompanying option of "FroYo" for mommy and daddy who are Weight Watching. Except for that night. Cause geez, it was our DTE-versary!!!! And for inquiring minds, yes the frozen yogurt version was still pretty good. Although not much lower in points. So we might as well have just gone full octane.

And just for fun, some pics of the kiddos, fast forward about 15 years to their future careers:
Doctor of Veterinary Medicine

And Professional Baseball Player extraordinaire
And...... spunky Brewster. Or Miley Cyrus. Or Madonna. Heaven help us.


JG said...

Yay! That's exciting news!!

Debb said...

CONGRATS ON 5 MONTHS DTE! And lets hear it for #9! Getting closer!

Brandy Wade said...

Congratulations on your DTE-versary. : )