Friday, January 14, 2011

Beauty Bravery

For those of you who have met my youngest -- you would agree, she is strong-willed, assertive, prissy, and very much in charge of our household (or so she thinks). She is mommy's sidekick and loves to shop, even if it is just for groceries. And she has Daddy wrapped around her bejeweled little finger, turning on the big fat tears if he should so much as raise a voice to her..

So when she gave me the "why don't I have my ears pierced Mommy??" "Lauren has her ears pierced... Christina has her ears pierced... why don't I have my ears pierced????" It starts this young?????

So we took a trip to Claires. And she watched another 4 year old get their ears punched. And shook her head no as we made our way to the clip-on section.

Fast forward a couple more months and out of no-where - while putting the boys to bed I hear a little voice from her room -- "pssst Mommy. Mommy! I was scared before, but now I'm not. I weally, weally want to have my ears pierced"

So we had planned to go on Monday, but it snowed. Then Tuesday after a drs appt, but they canceled, the wednesday, but it was still icy. Sooooo, on Thursday after four days of "when can we goooooooo?" we escaped this trap of a house and headed to Claires again... I'm expecting a dramatic performance.

Before -- all smiles. She picked out Hello Kitty earrings but low and behold, Hello Kitty is the newest "in" fashion and Claires had none to be found.

So we go for pink rhinestone flowers.

Still smiling...

Pop!........ Pop!...... No tears!!!! I am in complete shock.

Sometimes a girl just has to put her foot down and suck it up to show themselves worthy of being a big girl. I am one proud mommy. Now if only we could do the 4 Africa immunizations just as easily..


JG said...

It is beyond me how some mommies take their babies or little girls in and get their ears pierced against their will. I figure, wait until they are old enough to ask for it. Then, at least, if it hurts, they ask for it. :) That may sound harsh, but I think it's the only way they'll have a chance of learning how to suck it up and smile through it. You have quite a big girl on your hands! I got my ears re-pierced last summer and I had to fight my eyes watering!

Jaime Lewis said...

Matilyn wants to get her ears pierced for her 5th birthday, which is coming up in March. I hope she is just as brave as Addison!