Monday, March 5, 2012

Olivia Wages at first sight

We are here and all is GREAT. none of us slept very much on the plane but we were so wired on adrenoline that today flew by. We and our 12 checked bags, 6 carryons, 3 personal items, and 3 children --- were quiet a sight at both checkin security in Charlotte and again at customs in Addis. It took 45 min to get through!! The kids did amazing on the flight - no real meltdowns.. they loved flying. I think Addison watched the newest Chipmunk movie approx 4 times.... and a Dr. Seuss movie 3. No exaggeration.
Just for posterity's sake - our trip consisted of leaving Charlotte at 7:30 am (got up at 3am) ... hour layover in Washington DC, and left Dulles at 10:45 am, Sunday. Arrived in Addis 8 am Monday morning. That's a loooong haul. It was hilarious when we landed in Washington after the first hour flight and Addison exclaimed, "HEY! We're not in Africa!!!"
We met another family back at the guest house and then went to eat lunch (pizza, pasta). Addison scarfed her pasta down and then begged for 15 min, 'let's goooooooo. I want to see Olivia!!'
Meeting Olivia was awesome... unbelievable. She was really scared at first - which attachment wise, is a good thing, it's best that she doesn't think every adult is a parent to have fun with. No crying fits but a lot of big tears and pouty lips. She gets overwhelmed really easy with people or toys and I would have to have the bigs walk away some as when they were all in her face throwing new toys at her, she would start the lip trembling. She did the same with Tony but after having him feed her both her bottle and pasta soup, she did better with him. But still reached for me :)
The last 10 min before we left she started finally playing with us and would try to bounce on my knee more or put her hand over Seth's mouth for him to make noises. We even caught a couple little smiles and a few mini squeaks of sound. SO great to see her progress so quickly. I begrudgingly took her inside and a random nanny took her and when I told her goodbye, she waved to me! Then put out one hand toward me leaning to me, so I acted like I would take her and she came right to me! The guide with us said, "That's very quick" Progress!!! Made Mommy's day.
We then came back to the guest house and while Mindy, Addi, Tony, and Seth have already crashed... Braeden is still up playing and I'm still wired tight. Unless you count me falling to pieces on the rooftop when I went up to email. I'm not a cryer and haven't gotten emotional the last couple weeks at all.... didn't even cry this afternoon - it just felt good to have that sweet thing in my arms!! But once back here, all the emotions slammed into me. We are here. In Addis. And will spend ALL day tomorrow with the daughter we have prayed for and fought for, for 2 long years. Thank you Lord for putting us on this path.


Kim C. said...

I cannot begin to say how happy I am for all of you. Just overwhelmed as I read your account and vividly remember our similar times. So very thrilled that you finally have that and are holding your daughter. Yay, God!!!!

Brandy Wade said...

Wow Tracy. Wow. It's surreal to see you there on that porch. You are really there. You finally made it. We are so happy for you.

JG said...

:) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :)

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Beth said...

Praise the Lord! Such beautiful words to read after such a long journey! We are so excited and happy for the Wages family!!!!Infer