Thursday, January 22, 2009

The Gift of Hurt - Part Two

So here I go, pulling my soapbox over again. Last week, on the anniversary of the Roe v. Wade Supreme Court decision, I stumbled upon another video. I entered a group on Facebook which lobbies President Obama to help keep partial birth illegal. I clicked on a "must see" video mentioned and 10 minutes later, my eyes were once again re-opened to the pain that Christ must feel when He gazes upon His world. I need to preface by saying that this video is very, very, VERY graphic. However, I don't think now, that I would change my mind and not click on that Play button.

To see the video, go to this site and click on "Play in English"

After viewing the above video (by accident), I was bombarded in the news, of the joy of Obama's re-reinstatement of funds for abortions internationally. I was blown away by comments of others praising his actions. Again, Americans choose to close their eyes to the pain of children. It is much easier to see a developing baby as immaterial, pre-viable, or a parasite. It is much easier to sweep abortion under the rug with statements like "well I don't believe in abortion but it isn't my choice to make, it is their body". This is why I think all Christians, and all Americans for that matter - should watch that video. To see that for us to stand by and excuse the murder of innocent children as a consequence of society or a mother's choice is irresponsible. To see that while Drs. and pro-choicers may say the fetus is just a mass or a unintended burden, that with your own eyes - you see God's creation destroyed unmercifully.

To see poor babies and the pain they endured and not feel for them is unfathomable to me. I do not understand how churches across our country are now turning their head and not speaking out against this abomination. Not wanting to step on any toes. Here's what I can't understand - at the same time last week, news stories headlined with the story of a 20-year old in Belgium busting into a daycare and slashing babies and teachers with a kitchen knife. 2 infants and 1 teacher were killed. Are those infants any less or more formed than the ones you saw in the video??

In 2006, 5 little girls were massacred in an Amish schoolhouse - and we were all in shock.
In 2007, 32 students were shot and killed at Virginia Tech - and the nation mourned.
In 1999, 12 children were shot and killed at Columbine - and we were up in arms.
Since 1973, over 45 million infants have been burned to death, torn into shreds, or have had their brains sucked out. I know that sounds graphic - but where is the shock? where is the mourning? what makes those 45 million babies' lives less valuable than 2, 5, or 12 who were given the chance at life before it was stolen from them?

My son Seth was born 3 weeks premature. Do you know that if partial birth abortion is re-instated, that I could have chose to 'terminate' him for any reason. My son was no less a child at 37 weeks than my other two were at 40 weeks.

So as I watched this video, and tears streamed down my face, I asked "God, how much longer will you allow this to happen to your children?" And again, I felt that as Christians, our eyes have been shut for far too long. I have written congressmen, and it wasn't enough. I have joined the Susan B. Anthony foundation, and it wasn't enough. I have argued with close friends, and it wasn't enough. I have posted information and forwarded emails, and it wasn't enough. We have NOT done enough to protect our nation's children for fear of offending the 'rights' of others. And I am fearful of the day, and the plight of this country, when God does step in and say "ENOUGH!"

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The Beaver Bunch said...

I feel nauseous and I really think I could vomit. Not from the disgust in the pictures of the abortion video, but from the disgust in our culture that allows this to happen to unborn children.