Saturday, January 3, 2009

Things they say.....

This is one that may become a regular if my kids (especially Braeden) keep up being so darn cute.

** Our neighbor said Braeden came to her door the other day with a little cup. He said he was "collecting money for Compassion". "Oh really", she said. Then he thrust forward the cup and said, "and they take CREDIT CARDS too!"

** the other night I helped him make a LEGO helicopter. He said "thank you SO much Mommy!". A couple minutes later he came over and said, "And I think that deserves a HUG!" (Although 2 min. later when the wings and other various parts started falling off, he threw it to the floor, smashing it into more pieces, and went to his room to pout.) Oh well, we all can't be sweet all the time.

** Before Christmas, my dad gave each grandchild a stack of rolled coins totaling $20 for them to spend on presents for their family (BTW, a very good idea and lots of fun shopping!) Braeden has just realized the value of money and smoothly started scooting Addison's pile over toward him telling my mom and dad, "I'll take Addison's. She doesn't care for money very much."

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Abbie H. said...

That's so sweet about you deserving a hug! Gotta love it when it comes from kids too. It's so genuine!