Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Side by Side (or up/down)

My friend Tawnya requested a side-by-side of me AND Addison at 3 years old. I misunderstood. It wasn't that hard finding a picture as my mom was a wonderful blogger before the days of blogs and has all my pictures neatly labeled and at each age in a nice binder. Her baby book is now putting me to shame as I reach baby #3. I just filled out her age 2 page today.

So...she definitely has my eyes. T says she has my nose. She also has my mouth. But she doesn't look like me. Oh well, I think she is prettier anyway.


Beth said...

I think the shape of her face is just like yours. Oh, but you can't deny that is a Tony Wages child! Either way, you two make some cute kiddos :-)

Carrie Craver said...

I can definitely see a lot of you in her and a little of Tony too!! She is absolutely gorgeous. You guys do have beautiful kids. I'm so happy for you.