Honorable Mentions

Not all adopted kids have AIDS, but so what if they do?? - a little venting on the part of an adoptive mommy.  
Adoption is just a front. - the real story of why Christians adopt.
The Pessimistic's perception on wait times.  -  my 'waiting mama' temper tantrums.
Mustard Seed Faith - of the day I wanted to quit adopting, and God thumped me in the head instead.
Our Father Came  - a comparison of adoption and our our adoption by Christ

My Days in Ethiopia - start at Day 1 and work your way to 10.  You wont be sorry.
Wake Up Call - for everyone who calls themselves a Christian - what if you're a goat instead??
Oh No, PRESSURE!! - the pressures of being a perfect mom, wife, Christian
Oprah Scares ME - Why I think Paul warned Timothy about Oprah, seriously.
Mom on the Fly - a typical day in the chaos that is my life
Teachable Moment - one of my random moments of really great teaching - mealtime missions lesson.
A Classic Mom Moment - Braeden's first miracle experience; Mommy's first mini-heart attack
Black Eyed Me - spousal abuse, in a funny sort of way
Do as I say, not as I do - my take on a good marriage
Das Not Funny - a collection of things they say, puke on, or break
Doesn't Make Sense Does it??  - answering the 'plenty of poor people in America' debate
Put the puzzle pieces together  - an 8 page essay on why I think Christ is saddling up his white horse