Friday, May 22, 2009

Das Not Funny Friday - Mom on the Fly

In an effort to encourage all you other moms (make you feel sorry for me), I wanted to briefly describe a day in the life of the Wages. Mind you, my major stresser was getting Addison to her first school "program" tonight. With camcorder in toe to record that beautiful memory...

8:00 am - Tony leaves for his Memorial weekend boy's trip. Plans to come back unshaven and stinky. Swell. I wrap my arms around his legs and cry "Don't leave me!" as he walks out the door.

3:10 pm - work all day, then pick up the boys from school. Race them to Book of Daniel Bible Study at a friend's house. 10 min. late as always.

3:45 pm - Rush to get Addison from daycare. Her teacher says, "did I mention you are suppose to bring a finger food for her play tonight? Uhhh, no." Go home wondering what I can throw together in a pinch. Box of graham crackers, anyone?? I have to confess the time difference may be attributed to a 15 min. nap I may have taken. (Which may have just ruined your feeling sorry for me. But I was up until 1 am painting again. Yeah, not so smart in retrospect.)

4:30 pm - and back to pick up the boys from study. They aren't done so I wait until

5:00 pm - race to Taco Bell to grab (cough, cough) nutritious dinner.

5:18 pm - run into the house to make them drinks (so they can eat in the car) while they change into ball practice clothes and grab their bats and gloves

5:40 pm - both to ball practice. 10 min. late as always. Do not stop to think about the effects of inhaling spicy beef and processed cheese 2 minutes before athletic activity. Thank goodness I got away lucky on that one.

5:50 pm - home to make batch of mini-muffins. Martha Stewart, I am. Throw nutritious Nacho Supreme in front of baby girl with instructions to "hurry up and eat". Cause not only am I Martha Stewart, but I'm June Cleaver as well. Hurry and change her dirty clothes into school T-shirt, Gymboree jeans that are just tooo adorable, and side braided pig-tails. This is her stage debut!! I skip bringing the bouquet of roses as that may just be a bit much for a 3 year old.

6:35 pm - Race back to ball field to pick up dirty, smelly boys from practice. Have flinting thought that I should have brought clothes for them to change into. But hey, they ARE boys.

6:55 pm - Fly to church fellowship hall and dump Seth with Addison out at front door so I can find parking spot. 10 min. late as always. (hmmmm, pattern??)

7:00 pm - Stand at the back of the seated crowd (as there are no seats left), camcorder in hand to capture this momentous moment. (And to use to make Tony feel guilty later for his choosing campfire hot dogs and mountain sunsets over 20 min of watching other people's children sing.)

7:03 pm - Addison comes out on stage. Cute as a button. Thumb in her mouth. Finds me in the crowd of flashing cameras and camcorders. Cue the music.... I start recording.......

7:04 pm - Tears start to fall, face begins to crumple. Her teacher takes her off the stage and sits her on the floor beside her up in front, out of all our view. I crumple to the floor in exhaustion and laugh at the irony of it all.

Addison with her pig lollipop with the tag "You did a great job!!" June Cleaver let her have it anyway..... Addison with her BFF Berkley...... Addison with her scene stealing bro. Bet he would have sang "Three Little Ducks" proudly ....

And my Das Not Funny Moment:

This morning on the way to school we are listening to XM kids on the radio and a high pitched little girl's voice does the standard "Looooook who's on the phoooooooooone." All is quiet for a second or so before my little angel in the back says with a sigh -

"I hate dat li'el gul"

This isn't her first time using that naughty word. Last week, while being dragged from ball game to ball game - she proclaimed out of the blue, dashing all hopes of a college softball scholarship -

"I hate baseball"

** We ARE trying to teach her 'hate' is not a nice word to say. So the above was replaced with,
"Well, I weally don't like dat gul"

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Hall Family said...

That pattern of 10 minutes late happens to all of us. I think it is built in from all the DR APPTS we have to go to. They graciously allow us 15 minutes extra before we no longer have an appointment with them-lol. I believe we carry this extra time idea around with us and use it whenever needed!
Or at least I do!!