Thursday, May 28, 2009

Finding Everybody

Yesterday, as I was escorting a friend out our front door I spy an empty banana peel basking in the sun on our porch railing. Now, little baby girl is still at preschool so this one is all boy (as if it is not always anyways...) Apparently, throwing snack trash up on the front porch seems to be acceptable when you are 2 runs down in the front yard World Series. But I'll have to beat that dead horse another day... So I ask - "who left the banana peel outside?" and then heard a chorus of "not meeeee"s.

To which my friend says, "Oh... Notmee lives at your house too??" Clever.

As I told my mom this, she said "And if you ever find Everybody, he's in trouble too". Truth be told, I think my aunt has made the statement, "If she ever finds Everybody, she's gonna kill 'em".

My mom was apparently a foe of Everybody back in the 90s. When Everybody gets to shave their legs, Everybody is wearing these jeans, and Everybody gets to say out until midnight.

My aunt Donna is now battling Everybody as a friend of my elderly grandmother. Everybody says she is paying too much for insurance. Everybody thinks her long, unkempt hair looks beautiful. Everybody can't believe the Drs. treat her like they do. Yeah, Donna would like to strangle Everybody cause Everybody just wont shut up.

Thank goodness, I have a few more years before the tween years, so I'm not answering the door to Everybody. Now if anybody wants to take Ididn't or Inaminute, I'll gladly pay the bus fair to kick those lazy jokers out.

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