Sunday, October 19, 2008

A classic mom moment

Alright, the story of the Wages wouldn't be complete if I didn't add the fishhook story... for those of you who haven't already heard it anyway. So a couple weeks ago the family was down at the lake with a group from church. Most of whom had already gone home. My two littlest then decided to go back in the lake so I jumped in and tried to persuade little Miss to jump in too. In the meantime, I look over to see Seth's fishing pole still dangling in the water. I tell the boys they need to get it out so that the hook doesn't get stuck in someone's foot (I could only have wished later....).

So then, with the boat hiding my view, I hear Braeden start screaming. That scream that you know is not a put-on. The scream that is not "I'm really mad at brother mom, come beat him up for me." The scream that is telling you that either a limb has fallen off, or, in our case, a fishhook is in their eye. Now, I like to think of myself as a very calm and collected mother. I don't go running to skinned knees and I don't shriek at the sight of my toddler on top of the refridgerator. I take pictures of children with chocolate cookie all over themselves and the walls and laugh at the baby with diaper creme covering her entire face and hair. But a fish hook?? seriously??? This was one sight a mother did not need to see.... ever.

So I literally walk on water and up onto the pier to hold my little buddy and all I can say is "I'm so sorry, I'm so sorry". Not to gross you out but the hook had (thank God) missed his eye and had gone IN and poked back out of his lower lid when he picked the rod up. I screamed for Seth to find me someone to help and he found our youth pastor who came running. He took one look at it (much more calmly than I could) and said "Tracy, it's too bad, we are going to have to take him to the ER." Great..... again??? (that's another story for you). So I go to try to find something to cut the line and pass T coming down the hill as I go up to the house.

In the meantime - Chris tells Braeden that he wants to pray to Jesus for Jesus to help them. Braeden, in between gasps and tears, says "I don't wa-wa-want to pray" (great example for the pastor buddy!! Couldn't have made mommy look good, could you? What have the Wages' been teaching their kids!) So Chris says, "that's alright, I'll pray for us" and does. In about 2 min. time, when T gets to them both and helps to pry Braeden's hands away, this hook FALLS down. Mind you, I had spent about 3 min. holding and examining this nasty thing and it was through, no falling out allowed.

SO.... 5 min later, Braeden is running around acting like nothing has happened. Mommy is seriously looking for an adult beverage (kidding), and now gets to blame high blood pressure, once again, on my youngest son. But through it all, how awesome is it to be 5 years old and have your own personal miracle from the creator of the universe!! I just sometimes wish that Christ didn't have such a sense of humor. And yes, we CAN laugh about it now.


Abbie H. said...

Hey Tracy! When I logged in my account this evening, I saw that you are "following" me (the blog following thing which is new and I don't really get it yet! haha) I'm glad that you did because I didn't see a website attached to your comment on my page the other day.

Looks like you just started your blog, but you already have some great stuff on here!

I replied to your comment over on my blog! I'm glad you came by and I look forward to reading your blog-most especially, about your trip to Ethiopia!

BTW-great story! I cringed about the thought of a hook in his eye. Sounds like God really took care of it though!

Hope you had a great weekend!

Beth said...

Augh! I would have freaked out! How gracious of God to save you a trip to the ER. And I am sure the experience will impact Braeden (and Seth), pointing them to the God of miracles.

Hey, I noticed you have the "Only Servants" blog on your role... do you know them personally, or did you find them blog surfing?

Tracy said...

Yes Beth, very gracious. If we would have gone, it would have been my family's 3rd visit in about 6 months. How I love my boys!