Friday, October 3, 2008

Little Messages

For those of you who don't know. I am planning on taking a trip with Compassion International in February 2009 to Ethiopia to see poverty first-hand and be able to bring those experiences back to my work with Compassion. I plan to use this blog to keep friends updated on my trip and experiences. More on that later as I'm running late for work, as always. Anyway... I finally got the go ahead to send out my letters for support, with the $4000 due Nov. 25th. Big order for God.

I was up until 12:30 last night working on the first batch of my support letters for the trip. I had flip-flopped a little recently with the economy in the state that it is whether or not I was really suppose to go or not. I decided nothing was too big for God and if HE really wanted me to go initially, He still wanted me to go. Anyway, this morning I am tired, I am kind of pessimistic. Just not feeling very light and chipper. Lack of faith is rearing it's ugly head. Decided I really needed to pray "over" the support letters and have God to bless them and help those who receive them to receive them positively. Anyway, then I opened up this daily devotional from CrossWalk and was just amused to see how God talks to his children:

"Maybe today you feel like you have pulled off to the shoulder of that road and all the other cars are just whizzing past you. Everyone else seems to be intent on where they are going and how they are going to get there. But you just feel lost and hopeless. Do you need someone to come along and help you accelerate back into the flow of traffic? Just for today, I invite you to pray and ask God to help you get where you are going. I challenge you to listen for the Holy Spirit to speak to you - to open up God's Word and let it guide you. The exit numbers are all there. And, with God's help, you will get where you are going.

Dear Lord, I need Your help to make it where I am going. I confess that sometimes I don't even know where I am going and get overwhelmed by the distance it is going to take to get me there. Yet I know that You have provided me with the Way to get there. Help me to trust in that. In Jesus' Name, Amen."

And who says coincidences are just coincidences???

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Anonymous said...

Nothing is too hard for God. Remember he is limitless. It will come in his time. Just hold on to you faith.