Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Give me your eyes

So those of you that know us know that T is an awesome singer. And if you have sat anywhere near me in church, you know that I only have one note and it is greatly warped. I have even stopped singing "Happy Birthday" as an additional present. Now our little threesome, they love to sing. Especially Braeden and Addison. Braeden can be heard singing in his room while playing or driving down the road. Addison is just starting to sing along with the songs on the radio, a task which involves a lot of humming interspersed with a couple actual words. So I wanted to share a new song that has come out from the artist Brandon Heath called "Give me your eyes" as all four of my loved ones are singing this one around the house lately.

The chorus of the song says:
Give me your eyes for just one second.. Give me your eyes so I can see.. Everything that I keep missing... Give me your love for humanity... Give me your arms for the broken hearted... The ones that are far beyond my reach... Give me you heart for the ones forgotten... Give me your eyes so I can see

How often is it that we sing along to the radio and have no idea what the words are that we are saying? And in this case, while singing along, do we even realize what we are asking of God? "Give me your eyes so I can see"..... that's a pretty scary request if you stop to think about it. Do you really want to see and love humanity as God does? I think that if he granted that wish at even 1% fulfillment, it would still be enough to put me in a straight-jacket. To look at the suffering of the world through God's eyes would be a painful process. To see the persecution of His children in China, the killing of His babies in America, the starvation of His children in Africa, the prostitution of His little ones in Thailand. Do you really want to feel God's love in that way?

A couple months back Braeden fell face down from a play set - hard. As T picked him up, he went limp and stopped breathing for about 30 seconds. In that time, we both felt an over-whelming sense of panic and pain at the prospect of loosing him. Now think of your own children. Do you think that those across the globe feel any less love for their little ones? We don't want to see through God's eyes because it is too easy to hide in our little world on our own. Now I didn't start out this blog as a guilt inducer because I am as guilty as the next in meeting my own needs and wants before I start to think about others. What I wanted to do, and may be failing at doing, is to ask you to step up. Christians or not, there are those around you who need your help.
You could volunteer to get groceries for an elderly neighbor.
You could help to tutor a child at the elementary school.
You could help coach a little league team or volunteer at church (a dying art).
You could save the life of a child with Compassion.
You could contribute to help persecuted Christians through Voice of the Martyrs.
You could help to feed those who are hungry.
Just don't sit back and close your eyes.....

I ask that God would "give me the heart to help those that are forgotten". And hopefully, one day, I'll be ready to ask to see more clearly.

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Anonymous said...

We all love the song too. It really has a great message. If we only thought about what we don't see, more.
Sherri N.