Saturday, September 26, 2009

They told them not to go

They told them not to go. It's too dangerous. Too much history. Too much news. Find somewhere else to minister. Don't take your wives. Don't take your kids.

They went anyway. They loved.

We wondered, should we go? We wondered, should we take our kids? We went anyway. They loved - Us.

Today I was blessed watching my shy little (big) boy. Kicking a soccer ball over a ragged piece of grass. A clearing in the midst of old, dirty trailors and American poverty. My little boy, often too shy to join in on a playground, running and laughing with the children of African Americans, of Hispanics, of poverty. And loving every minute of it.

My little ones dropping clover into a chicken coop, standing on tip toes to see the rooster. Helping a little Hispanic toddler climb a huge inflatable slide. Eating hot dogs, cookies, and popsicles with those often overlooked and forgotten. They told us not to go. Thank God we went. As the poor community was not the only ones who were able to learn of the love of Christ today in the misty rain. Sometimes you have to leave the church pew and put your tennis shoes on to learn what love is. Thank God we went.


Amy Sullivan said...

Beautiful and True! This will touch and change people. Jay should link it on Awaken's page.

Hall Family said...

Great Post!