Friday, September 4, 2009

Das Not Funny Friday - Rude and Crude

I had to share two quick ones to let all of you parents of adorable little baby girls just turn green with envy that you don't have boys to make your lives more exciting. Go ahead, I know you are completely jealous of the amount of bathroom words, flatulence, giggles, and unspeakable messes that little boys can make.

Two examples from this week which made me chuckle:

Seth and Braeden were on the couch watching cartoons last Saturday morning. Both covered in one thick flannel blanket. Heads at opposite ends of the couch. Got that picture in your mind?

I hear someone obviously rip a hole in my couch and look to see both boys turn to each other at the speed of light with wide eyes and Seth says, "I pooted."

Braeden, "let's SMELL it!"

Both boys, in a synchronization that must have been practiced many times, lift the blanket simultaneously to cover their heads with the blanket. Ewwwwwwww.
We had chili beans the other night for dinner. Seth went on and on about how much he loved them and could we have them more often. He wolfs his down and runs back outside to play.

Approximately 30 minutes later he shoots in the door flying toward the bathroom with the passing message "NO MORE BEANS FOR DINNER...... EVER!!!!!"

I know you want the excitement that is the Wages household.

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