Wednesday, September 2, 2009

A Public Announcement

So yesterday I spent the entire day hanging out at our local Christian radio station helping in their Compassion telethon. Sadly, the phone only rang about once every hour or so. And with three phones sitting, it made for a pretty slow day (but great conversation among the volunteers!) They ended the day with 29 kids sponsored which is not too bad considering it takes me a good 3 months to convince one person to help one little child in need.

With a slow call response, the radio personality asked me if I would come in and tell my story of how Compassion changed my life. Sure! I can talk in a microphone to 10,000 people, as long as I don't have to look into their eyes and imagine them naked. (I really hope you get that reference to public speaking or else that last line just looked a little warped.)

As we are walking down the hall, I ask her if she is going to tape it, and she replies, "oh no, we're live in about 4 minutes". Oh still my beating heart.... We start by talking about when I first sponsored (4 years ago), when I became an advocate (2 years ago), and what I love about being a sponsor. We could have talked for an hour on that subject but she pressed on. She then asked me about what happened to me a year ago and my feeling called to go to Ethiopia with Compassion. And then went on to - "and what new news do you have THIS year?" to which I was able to answer that I felt God leading me back to Ethiopia, but this time to take my husband, and bring back my little daughter. Wow. I just announced it to Columbia. Guess that would be considered a bit of accountability now wouldn't it??

The point was to show others how sponsoring a child can completely change your life. Which is completely true. You go into it thinking that you are helping a little child, but later realize that the entire experience was meant by God to open your eyes to His will and your own purpose to be the hands and feet of Christ, as we are commanded. The blessings you receive from sponsoring far outweigh what you think you are giving. And this isn't just me talking, this is every sponsor I have spoken to who allow themselves to totally give themselves to the sponsor process through letter writing vs. just writing a monthly check and forgetting about helping the child through encouragement and love. It's Christ's love God wants us to give to these poor children, not the check. (But the check helps too..)

But as I exited the booth and was chatting with the other station employees and discussing the interview. We laughed that now people would NOT be sponsoring as they would be scared it may lead to the adoption of another child from across the world. Which also may explain why we had a meager phone response yesterday. I am SO sorry Compassion International.

On another note, I have started drawing some girlie art and finished my first display piece for Olivia's nursery. Man, if this girl keeps getting people to draw for her, she may not have an inch of paint showing!


SiLa said...

I am happy that you were live on radio :) God knows how many people were encouraged with your testimony.
This piece for Olivia is wonderful.
Yesterday I started my store on Zazzle, maybe you can try to sell your drawings for kids stuff ( put them on clothes for kids) and earn some amount for adoption? Just a suggestion.

Amy Sullivan said...

I love the ballerina one...would you maybe do another Ballerina for Delaney? I would love to be able to tell her the story behind the art. Esp. when she gets home from playing with Olivia one day...I can see her saying, "I helped her join her family!" Makes me teary.