Monday, August 24, 2009

My new prayer

Luke 11:8 In a parable told by Christ, he tells about a man who, late at night, knocked at the door of his friend and persisted in asking for some bread. Christ said the man, although it was late, gave to his friend because of his persistence. - "I tell you, though he will not get up and give him the bread because he is his friend, yet because of the man's boldness he will get up and give him as much as he needs."

A couple weeks back, I read an adoption post about a family stepping out in faith for God to fund their 4th adoption by setting out a pickle jar to catch loose change. They saw that jar as a symbol to God of their stepping out, just beginning the process and getting ready to watch God work. I smiled as we already had an apple juice jug set aside and the boys had pan-handled among their friends for our first $5 in the neighborhood. My Braeden has no fear. I smiled as I'm not the only dope who thinks a jar of change may one day grow.

And boy did HER jar grow!!! Ironically, my friend Beth emailed me to ask me to check out this post. It just happened to be the same family and they were ecstatic to report that their "pickle jar over-floweth!!" Someone had read their post about their jar and had contributed $20,000. Wow. (Envy - get away from me.) So this family is now doing something called, "Pay it forward adoption." Where they are still raising money for an adoption, it's just for someone else! How cool!

Now I don't expect God to fill my apple juice container with $20,000 tomorrow, BUT - I have decided that if we are going to pray, (and I am asking you to pray with me), can we follow Christ's parable and ask in boldness??

The day after we decided to sell the house, we had someone offer to let us rent to own their house. It just seemed to be God affirming our decision. And since that day, I have felt such a peace about the sale. Something that I have never felt about any move. I hate moving more than labor pains. Seriously.

And when we decided; Tony decided that if we made $5,000, or $8,000, or $10,000 - it was still more than we had and glory to God. But now I have been feeling led to pray big, and I really don't think this is selfishness in trying to get out of working to get the funds, as anyone can tell you, international adoption is not an easy road, even with money in the bank. We still have a lot of work ahead. It's just that we have had SO many people doubt we will be able to sell this house for this adoption. The economy, 2 in our cul de sac already for sale, resell values, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah.

So I want ALL glory to be given to Him. If we make $5,000, whoop-whoop, we raise more money in the next year and thank Him. BUT, if we sell this house for the asking price - we should make around $22-24,000. And the adoption costs $20-25,000.

SO - I have been praying for nothing short of a miracle. For God to sell this house, the house He provided us, for His glory, to show that His plan is perfect and can not be thwarted by a bad housing market, our doubt, or the economy. To show luke-warm Christians in this Bible belt that our God is still living, and active, and moving.

(Plus, we have a real estate broker and a mortgage broker who have donated their time and efforts to helping us. Again, what seems like an affirmation. )

So please join me. Let's be bold. And get this party started in bringing this angel home sooner than later.


Katie Funk Goodwin said...

Oh wow. Reading through the posts you linked about the pickle jar. Those hit me really hard. Thanks for sharing that! And I'm still praying 1 week and over the asking price :)Let me know when you put it on the market.

SiLa said...

Dear Tracy, it's me again :)
When I read your posts, Holy Spirit is working in me and we are connected through Him. I can not express all that is happening, but here is the Word I have for you (as it is for me too).
It is in the book of I Samuel chapter 14. Story about Jonathan. He have faith in the Lord, that He can do everything, even conquer his enemies. But Jonathan doubt too. He was not sure if God is with him in this matter and he was asking for a sign. Even with a doubt, Jonathan did not stop. He was going in to the enemies field only with his armor-bearer. And God gave him a victory: “13 The Philistines fell before Jonathan, and his armor-bearer followed and killed behind him. 14 In that first attack Jonathan and his armor-bearer killed some twenty men in an area of about half an acre. “
The battle is already won in the heart of the Jonathan. In those moment of decision, when Jonathan decided to go, regardless of doubt.
May God be with us that we can go, regardless of doubt, and let God gave us victory. Amen.

Amy said...

PRAYING ALONG SIDE YOU! And I just know God wants this adoption as much as you do!!! Amy P.S beautiful family!!