Thursday, June 4, 2009

The power of a smell

So yesterday, I had to go for my 6 month check-up to make sure that the waterboarding / eye scraping torture I endured (otherwise known as PRK) actually worked. ***I highly recommend reading my surgery post if you or anyone you know is referred for PRK. Just trust me on this one.

So - I am officially now 20/20 and am free to go and rejoice in my perfect vision (until I turn 40 and need reading glasses anyway..) So to the subject of this post - my eye dr. has an office in the medical park, as part of the major hospital. So after I used the restroom in preparation for my 45 min. drive home, I washed my hands like a good little girl. Wouldn't want to catch swine flu or anything from a dr.'s office. Who knows what kind of people go there to get their eyes scraped??

On the way to the car, the wind blows, I scratch my nose, and I get a whiff of my hands. Or more precisely, the hospital soap I used on my hands. Freaky, I know. But with that one smell, I was immediately transported back almost 9 years to my first hospital visit, to have my eldest son Seth. 29 hours in labor and a precious little angel with a cone head.

Then on to 3 years ago, (I'm coming back to #2 kid) - my third hospitalization to have my baby girl. So excited to have my girl. Then the pain hits, the epidural makes my blood pressure freaky, and I'm throwing up before and after the biggest baby I have ever delivered is born. She was big and she was mad. The nurses told me she was "spunky". Somehow, I don't think that was a good thing.

So while sniffing my fingers, I also started reliving hospitalization #2. I was induced early. Had meds early. Had the easiest labor possible and delivered with my friend and my mom in the room. My lactation nurse even popped in just to say hi and ended up staying to videotape. My wonderful Dr. even let T deliver Braeden. It was fun and perfect. I didn't even mess my make-up up. That's a good day. Braeden was born to his family laughing about how I had just delivered the same baby again. He was at birth, a Seth clone. Who just happens to be a T clone. I tell people, God just had one mold that he happen to use 3 times for my men.

Fast-forwarding back to today, when I got home, I see my little middle kiddo. He had just lost his first teeth and proudly showed me his freakishly long tokens with roots still attached. I really don't do teeth. Thank goodness a dentist can pull them because it just gives me the chills thinking about them. Both boys have taken after their mommy with permanent teeth that come in behind the baby teeth. Really? is it necessary to have stadium seating in a mouth?? So here is my proud man minus bottom teeth:

So now he has graduated Kindergarten (as 'Most Improved in Math' no less. Couldn't have been 'best smile', 'great helper', 'best jokes'?? But that's another story...) AND he has lost his first teeth. All in the span of one week. I'm not a crying mommy but one can only handle so much change. And with being transported back to hospitals via sanitary soap and all, I may be in need of a Kleenex.

It just seems so fitting that my little, wonderful middle son would have such a happy and FUN arrival. To hear laughing and joy as you come into the world must affect you somehow. And I truly think Braeden's entrance befits his personality:

- he is the first child I have received a teacher call about when he pulled another boy's pants down - because someone told him it would be funny....
- he is the first child to figure out how to make the wonderful armpit noise that we all love and admire.
- he is my little one that has taken to answering my requests with a stellar version of Buckwheat's wave and "Ooooo-taaaaay" (he loves Little Raschals). Somehow I can't get upset about the lack of a good "Yes Ma'am"
- he has perfected the imitation of the shampoo commercial girl, flipping his 'hair' back and giving us a breathy "Soooo creamy". (what a weird commercial)
- he loves to break it down and attempt to dance Michael Jackson style in our living room.
- he was born with, and still owns rights to, a specific giggle known as the "Braeden giggle". It has amused strangers in elevators, restaurants, and public parks for a good 5 years now. I'm thinking of getting a copy write as it is just so darn cute.
- he was called back inside last week after being caught outside with his 30 lbs (dripping wet) self, running around in a wrestling singlet, complete with wrestling shoes and football arm pads. I'm still beating myself up for my lack of catching him with the camera.

So that's it, the nostalgic mother with her fingers up her nose, amused at the child who will most likely have some sort of foreign object up his own nose within the next 3 years. How sweet would that be of him to let his mom have one more nostalgic trip to the hospital to smell their special brand of hand soap.

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Beth said...

Oh, Braeden... I do wish you were nearby to play with Isaac :-)

Tracy, I am nostalgic like you, smells and music can take me right back in time. Reading this post reminded me of Braeden's birth, how awesome it was to be there. It was very special, and a memory I treasure.

Braeden sounds like he is growing into quite a young man. I bet he keeps you thoroughly entertained and on your toes.