Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Curly Qs

Just had to share our newest glamor poses. Little girl Addison has stick straight hair. About a year ago, a friend (whose little girl had a head full of curls) told me she used little boy's socks to roll up her wet hair and then tie the ends of the socks together for her to sleep in. I instead found little pillows at the store that had metal ends you could then fold over to keep them wound up.

A year ago we tried it.

She woke up to mediocre curls....for about 2 seconds.... before they all fell out.

So I gave it a try again Saturday morning and here was the end result.

They actually stayed in all day and she spent most of that day using her little hand to "fluff" them up. It was soooo Darla ala Little Rascals. Speaking of - the pictures with her 'boys' was because the model demanded them, of course. High maintenance tween years, here we come.


Anonymous said...

How cute!! Where did you get the small pillow things? Calista would probably never let me do it though.

Tracy said...

I got them out of a clearance bin in some drug store or something. You could always try the sock thing if you can't find them Blondie :o)

Lisa and David said...

I don't know if you posted this, but where abouts do you live?

Lisa and David said...

Regarding your post on my Yard Sale post in Denver, I can see now that you are in SC. Love that area. How 'bout we visit each other? Not kidding! I loooOOve yard sales. And now my local Goodwill too. Bought Tigist a Hello Kitty back pack for $3 Why are we paying full price for everything??