Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Edventure adventure

Family night at the local children's museum Edventure. SOUNDS like a fun idea. T had a meeting this evening so, being the brave mom that I am - "Oh, I can handle this." Not realizing that 3/4 of the city also thinks going to the museum on $1 night is a good idea too. I was hoping I made it out of there alive with 3 kids. Maybe not my 3 kids, but any 3 would seem a success.

So my $4 fun night quickly turned into $16 when you have to pay extra for the 'butterfly pavilion'. However, well worth the extra cash as we spent 30 min. of our 2 hours there amidst over 100 little bursts of color.

The progression of a friendship:
Ooooooo - a butterfly!!!

Hi Mr. Butterfly!!

Blow Mr. Butterfly off and spend the next 29 min. trying to get a butterfly to land on you. Makes perfect sense!

After crawling through the bowels of a 3 story kid, we were off to the grocery. This is probably my favorite exhibit of all as I love seeing what 5 items the kids buy as it is so indicative of their personalities. For example, on Braeden's first trip to the Piggly Wiggly - he bought 3 cakes and 2 doughnuts. Just once more, proving that he IS his mother's son.

The boys skipped off to milk a fake cow while Addison went shopping:

These are her 5 items and her explanations:
* The cake is for "me and Calista's burfday potty"
* The hot dog is for Braeden.
* The cereal is for "me and Sef"
* The raisins are for daddy.
* The pink doughnut is for "me" And.......
* The chicken broth is for "you, Mommy". Whoopee. Nothing I like better than a big can of chicken broth when PMS cravings hit.

Next we moved on to West Africa while the boys again, went next door to be weathermen. (Are we already at the stage of not wanting to be seen by anyone with their mom???) Addison shopped at the market (or more accurately, stocked the market with all the play food hanging out in the fishing boat.)

She then decided to do some hair on the huge and unhappy African Barbie head. I would be unhappy too if my hair was coming out in clumps and three year olds were twisting it into a rat's nest everyday..(So funny how intent she was.)

So then we leave to hunt for a doughnut shop in downtown Columbia. Mainly because the kids asked for them, but partially because I was still a little miffed at loosing out on the pink doughnut to the can of chicken broth. The only one I found was boarded up with a "Do Not Enter" sign. Man, those trans fat critics sure are getting serious. Finally found another store a few exits away and come home to gorge on sugar before spending 30 minutes telling them to calm down and go to sleep. Sugar = kiddie crack. Remember that moms of little ones. It's not just something we say to avoid buying sweets. So to sum it up - good pics, good family fun, and a good doughnut. Doesn't get much better than that.

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Anonymous said...

Oh, how cute!! Calista would have loved to have gone shopping with Addison at the Piggly Wiggly. I am so glad they love each other so much even across the distances.