Monday, July 12, 2010

Middle Child whoops

While perusing through all the old birthday posts, I realized that my middle child must not have turned 7 this year. Either that or his mother completely forgot to blog about it. Which, there's no way THAT could have happened.

What is even more startling is the fact that his birthday was accompanied by a true miracle in the state of South Carolina. It snowed..... A Lot...

So my middle son, who not only received the miracle of Jesus helping a fish hook fall out of his eye unscathed - he also thinks he received the miracle of God making it snow JUST FOR HIS BIRTHDAY. And 'aint nobody telling him any different!

We had planned his first sleep-over. Which turned out to be a bust as no one would send their children to our house to sleep over if there was the chance of more than 1/4 of an inch of snow falling! I mean - we can't go out to get milk during a blizzard like that - why would we be able to go retrieve our child?? A snow that deep and the poor child may be stuck at my house for at least a week!!

But, the Lord has blessed us with A LOT of neighbors. With A LOT of boys. So we were able to go celebrate in Braeden's birthday snow, that God sent just for him. Staying up late throwing snowballs and tackling each other. Until about noon when it had all melted away anyway....

Happy Late, Very Late, Birthday Little Man!!!

(he's rejoicing that at least his mentally impaired mother remembered to get a present or two. And the fact that he no longer has to wear hand-me-down skates but has his own pair. It's tough being a middle child.)

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