Thursday, July 22, 2010

Government Efficiency

On April 15th, I sent our homestudy to Citizenship and Immigration. It was suppose to take around 30 days, max of 90 days to get me the form I needed to adopt an international orphan.

On May 6th, DSS sent their approval. So let's be gracious and just have that as the entry date.

On July 4th, we find out our file is being sent to Missouri. 60 days, and they couldn't read a report (which would take less than 20 min. to read) and issue me the form I needed.

On July 7th, CIS in Missouri told Tony that it hadn't been mailed til July 6th. 60 days after they received it. The worker said she would work to 'expedite' our approval. "Call back next week"

On July 14th, CIS in Missouri told Tony that they had located our file but it hadn't been assigned to a caseworker yet. But Charleston had done some work on it and it was farther along than some files in process. "Call back next week" - 68 days.

Today, July 21st, CIS in Missouri told Tony that our file is in the building. You think? It is being worked on. But hasn't been logged in the system yet. "Call back next week". Thanks for expediting it.... It's been 75 days.

Charleston had it 8 weeks.
Missouri had it 3 weeks. That makes 11 weeks. Of me going crazy.
Maximum time to take was 12 weeks? I'm seriously going crazy.

And I have the complete dossier in my nightstand (now hiding from me as I got tired of it teasing me). All without this one piece of paper.

I needed to vent. Thank you for letting me do so. Cause if I go to Missouri and go postal on them, I'm guessing that wont look very good for my chances to be approved to adopt.

**I KNOW this is all in God's timing. I KNOW Olivia will be ready, just when we are ready for her. But it still stinks. The parents that started their adoptions the SAME month I did are starting to get the pictures of their children. And I have 8-10 MONTHS to go AFTER I get that package over to Ethiopia. This just really stinks. If it takes this long to get one piece of paper issued, on the basis of TWO reports already written about us, and in the file - just think how long it will take someone to get a new kidney under new government healthcare.

Rant off. You may go back to your regularly scheduled program now. Please pray for me and my sanity.


JG said...

Gosh, I'm sorry. I can't imagine how frustrated you must be right now. You are right, it's all God's timing...but the waiting still stinks. Praying for you to have peace.

Debb said...

SOOO sorry you are enduring such a crazy wait! Having just rec'd our I-171H after a hiccup, I can sort of understand your agony.....though I cannot say it took as long as this! I know you know that God's timing is perfect. I know you are excited to start the wait that REALLY counts. But I also hope it helps you when you picture that God is allowing this wait to happen, because He needs to slow you down a bit ~ so that you will be matched with JUST THE child He has known all along would be YOURS! FOREVER! They say that all this agony of waiting washes away immediately upon meeting and/or holding your child. Praying for peace for you until then! :o) Hang in there! Anxiously awaiting your announcement that that form is IN YOUR HANDS!!!!