Sunday, July 11, 2010

A Do-It-Yourself Birthday

I need to give a shout-out to all you summer babies:
- who throw parties no one every comes to; except the obligatory cousins
- whose mom never brought cupcakes into school for your birthday
- whose friends don't call as they are usually at the beach or pool
- whose birthday party gets melded together with a family vacation or pool get-together. "Let's go to Carowinds this weekend...... oh yeah, for your birthday!! Aren't you special!!"

It's a sad, sad situation I know. For I too - was a summer baby. And I'm still trying to heal from the resentment I feel. And I swore I would never, never, ever do it to one of my kids.

Till I started working in the public school system. And had student loans. And was a newlywed. And wanted a baby. But needed it to come in the summer so I wouldn't have as many days with no pay. Cause we was 'Po. With a capital P.

So Seth - my millennium baby - was destined to be a summer baby too. I'm so sorry baby. You missed Y2K power outages but still suffer the effects of an ill-timed pregnancy..

Poor baby had to decorate his own cake....

Find and light his own candles.....

Make his own birthday hat (much cooler than a cone I must say)...

And even provide his own decorations.....

Happy Birthday to my gorgeous 10-year old!!! If mommy could just freeze time so you wouldn't have to have anymore summer birthdays (and could just stay this age) I would. Cause every year you grow older, it adds about 5 on to my middle aged parent meter... I Love you!


Beth said...

Oh, you get no sympathy for a summer birthday. At least you can have pool parties.

My birthday was always during finals. Nothing like celebrating with some major tests.

Kristin's is 6 days before Christmas. That's a total bummer.

Anyhow, HAPPY BIRTHDAY, SETH!!!! He is such a great young man. It makes me wish we were in the same town ;-(

And I know how frustrated you are waiting on your adoption paperwork... but if you think of it terms of God's way of timing it so you get the daughter He has picked for you... maybe it will help a tiny bit.

But even still, I pray things move along!

JG said...

Haha...My birthday is in the fall, and I was always jealous of my summer birthday friends because they could have their birthday parties any day of the week their birthday fell on..I always had to wait for the weekend!

Tracy said...

And (start the violin playing) - we never had pool parties as we never had a pool to go to :o( Boo-Hoo.

Anonymous said...

Happy happy summer birthday!! We love you Seth and love the chalk drawing! Sis, I think he has already blown past your artistic ability at the early age of 10 :)