Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Words of Wisdom Wednesday

Today's words from Tracy ala parenthesis:

My new friend JC from Perpetual Newlyweds started a new blog hop called Words of Wisdom Wednesday, (but I guess you already knew that.... )

Here's the deal -

You post some wise words, a quote you like, on your blogger. Then come linky back to her site. And we'll all take turns commenting on your quote. (that is, if I am intelligent enough to comment, I will try my best.. having three children has severely limited my brain capacity. I mean, I can only remember so many dates of projects due, times medication was given, various appointments, bills due, amount of cheese left in the cheese drawer - before every brain cell starts systematically blowing up. At this rate, I may be a vegetable by their 18th birthdays..)

What reactions we have, and all that. So we can share these words of wisdom. (or lack of, as is often my foot and my mouth have a love/hate relationship.)

(So my quote for the day: )

Charles Spurgeon - "Have you no wish for others to be saved?
Then you are not saved yourself. Be sure of that."

(Ouch. There goes about 75% of today's Christians by my estimation. Makes you stop and contemplate a bit, doesn't it?)


JG said...

Ooooooh. That's a sharp one, but true. Spurgeon is a great resource. Do you read Pyromaniacs? That's where I got my Spurgeon quote.

They post a Spurgeon "devotional", or reading or whatever the term may be, every Wednesday. Which is where I got my quote :)

Tracy said...

No, I hadn't seen their site before. Looks really interesting though, especially the stuff on the emergent church. I find these days that I have so many 'issues' it is making my head hurt. The plight of the orphan, poverty, my business, being a mom/wife, Christian. It's nice to read where other people are as obsessed with the issues as I am. I just need to narrow my concerns down a bit!