Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Pickle Jar Mom update & challenge

Remember about 4 months ago, (what seems like at least forever for us), when I wrote to tell you about my Pickle Jar mom? The mom of oh, 4 biological children, 3 adopted babies, and now one foster child. I have termed her my adoption super-mom. She has the BEST advice and wisdom.

Anyway, her blog about her family's obedience to God by putting out a simple pickle jar to collect change was really the starting point for my own adoption. We got our pickle jar out and followed suit. A couple days later, her pickle jar runneth over from a donation check to cover her adoption. So, her family devised a new plan - a "Pay it Forward" Adoption where they would still raise funds, but then give the funds to another family needing adoption monies.

So today, I read on her blog about a little girl named Mattie. 11 years old. Who spent her Christmas raising money for Mrs. Pickle Jar Mom's adoption fund. She fund-raised, asked for donations in lieu of all her Christmas gifts, wrapped presents for donations. My own kids have went door to door selling cupcakes for the American Cancer Society. I think they raised about $30. And I was so proud.

Did Mattie raise $30? Yes. Did she raise her goal of $1000? Yes. Did this 11 year old knock our socks off and raise $3000? A resounding yes. The Pay it Forward fund is now close to $10,000. Wow. Amazing how God loves to work through children isn't it? Mary. Daniel. Samuel. Jesus.

I pray that I can instill such a heart in my own children. I want to move their joy away from winning a video ball game, or getting something, to the joy you only get from giving something. I have to admit that my own heart really didn't soften until my 30s. What a waste of time, and potential!

Recently, I had someone write to tell me that when I was suppose to move, on the fund-raising front, that God would let me know. I needed to stop stressing and trying to make it all about me. Stop trying to take God's job on and instead, realize this is His work and give it back to Him. So just for discussion's sake - and not to seem like I'm using kids as free child labor --- but any ideas on how I can get my kids / other kids involved in having a heart for adoption, whether ours or someone elses? I have read of someone who sent out baby bottles to kids to have them help collect coins in 'bringing a baby sister to America.'

Any cool ideas?? I might even be able to come up with a prize for an idea we decide to use. Just to make things fun.How do we get those little hearts pumped up for something other than football?


Valerie Z said...

Tracy!! THank you soooo much for your input on my "donation" invatation!! I love, love, love the idea and it was sooo impactual!! Everything I was looking for!! Also, thanks for the add on your blog!!! You can email me your address so I can send you a little something!! Thanks again, sooo much!!!!! bvatp@hotmail.com

SiLa said...

Dear Tracy, in so many ways you and I are alike. You say "I needed to stop..." and in next few lines you are looking for a new ideas :))) It is so hard to wait, isn't it?! May Lord help us.