Monday, January 4, 2010

Innocence (thank goodness!)

Those of you who know us personally know that my second child is the one who is most likely to make someone laugh. Most likely to get hurt in strange ways. And Most likely to leave his mother speechless. Can't you just see the mischievousness in his eyes? (And doesn't he look like Eminem? With a turtle shell on.. Scary)

So this past week, my sister and her family came to visit for the New Year's Holiday. Tony was working at the bowl game many states away and I loved having company to keep away any under 10 boredom for those 4 days. Anyway, we let the boy's stay up for the ball dropping on 2009 and as New York City was celebrating 2010 - yelling, screaming, and kissing each other -

Braeden breaks out in a huge smile and says "did you see that girl? She was having sex with that guy with glasses!!" What???????????? "She was having sex with the guy with glasses on!" Ohhhh, Miss Announcer girl kissed her husband who was wearing black rimmed glasses. So glad my 6, almost 7, year old still equates kissing with having sex. Hopefully the fear of getting a girl pregnant will keep him far from first base for a long, long time. You just keep thinking that buddy... although I'm not sure where you are getting your sex education from. Should I be worried?

And I'm not sure what he has against men in glasses....

Just to share, here is my artist with his snowman he made from cookie dough. Seriously?? How cute is that? Too bad we ate him 30 minutes later. Frosty was good with frosting.

One of the 4 of us I had them take for my husband's new desk at his new most awesome-est job ever. Thank you again Jesus. And to prove that I do get in front of the camera from time to time, if I have to.. Lately all those consumed Frostys have been getting together to protest, on my waistline and hip area. Hello New Year's diet, glad to meet you, we may be working together for some time now.