Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Planes and buttons

For mother's day we did what I love best - took the kids on a field trip. I love just getting out of the house, out of the yard, and it being just us and the kiddos for the day.

We went to the local Air Force base to see their air show and had a great time. Both the boys fell in love with the planes. And the guns. And my sister just cringed as she read that.

You'll notice you don't see Addison in many photos. That's because the boys were the ones running plane to plane with my camera.
So today was my rare day off and Mommy-n-Me day with Addison. We started off doing errands and then I decided that since I had a coupon, I would get her hair trimmed as her bangs were getting long. I had been doing it myself ever since Wal-mart had been charging me $12 just to cut a straight line around her head. How hard can that be?

On our way into the salon she says, "I want my hair short. Mommy, can I get my hair cut short?"

"Oh, I don't think so baby - you're daddy would be so mad at me." The same Daddy that is in Texas for training right now. On my Anniversary. The same Daddy who has told me not to cut his precious princesses hair short.

Just to clarify: this was completely her idea. She kept pointing to the pictures in the magazines saying, "I want short hair like her!" And she has said about 25 times today "I LOVE my hair." And in no way was this surprise in response to his surprise for me last year when I was away on a trip. When I came home from Africa to big puppy-dog eyes and pee spots.

His first text back to me after seeing a fuzzy, camera-phone pic of her? "Ok, I'm upset"

My text back: "really? Addi said you wouldn't be as you thought she was beautiful and since you love her, you wouldn't be mad at me. I love u...."

His response: "that's just wrong"

So yes, maybe this was just a little bit of payback. But my daughter is loving all the attention. I think she is cute as a button. So she told Tony on the phone that, "mommy thinks I look like a button!"

And as I told my family in regards to our 'surprises' for each other - I think that's why we've made it all of our 14 years. Life is too short to get mad over a haircut. Or a puppy. Or a bedroom suit. Or a new car. (And just to point out, I only paid $4.99 for a haircut). You roll with the flow, discuss, and wait for the next instance to realize how much you love your husband and how well-oiled your relationship is. (And be thankful again for a little something called grace.)


Beth said...

Well, I think the hair cut is darling! It will be great for summer :-)

And the air show, how cool!

JG said...

She is adorable! You definitely made the right decision. :)