Saturday, February 28, 2009

We interrupt this program for an announcement...

I wanted to take a little side-track from Africa to let you know about the newest member of our (a-hem) family... Gracie the Puppy. Those of you that were in the states at the time of her arrival, thank you so much for reprimanding my husband. Those of you that were with me in Africa - No, I haven't kicked him or the dog to the curb.... yet.

So far she has been a pretty good little pup. Except for occasional puppy blunders which dot our floor. And who could resist these two sets of puppy eyes????
For those of you not on Facebook who haven't heard the story -
I rush in from one of our many busy Africa days to check my email and find it empty. How dare he???!!?? (In his defense, the messages didn't come through until a day or so later). So I zip over to Facebook to see if anyone else loves me. I quickly find as his status: "T is wondering how much trouble he will be in when Tracy finds out we have a new puppy?" WHAT???? This man who had said, a mere hour before I left for Charlotte, "How could I be so stupid to let a dog ruin my house?? We are NEVER having another dog again!" Never say never, I guess...

So under his status were about 5 other messages telling him how dumb he was and how I was going to be pretty mad on my return. SO... I left him my own message saying "Didn't think I would check FB did you??" With my own status as "Tracy is wondering how to inflict physical pain on my husband from Africa. He will be sleeping outside for 2 weeks when I get home."

I wasn't thinking about it, but those were my last words to him for 3 days as we left for rural Nazareth the next morning. whoops. He REALLY thought I was mad. REALLY mad. (heehee, take that Mr. Puppy-Man).

He just better be glad I love him so much and over-looked any extra family members when I returned home as I was just so glad to see them all. But you can believe, the next little 'present' we find in the house, that dog is the property of the boys, I had nothing to do with it!!

I'm throwing in some random pics of Braeden's b-day cake (only 8 days late!) and Addison with her newly adopted Ethiopian baby. That she did love, BTW. We thought we had left it at the Steak-N-Shake in Charlotte as we couldn't find it the next morning. That brought about a wealth of tears and "my baaaaaby. I want my baaaaaby." So glad he was just hiding under the couch.
(Must have been the culture shock.)

(I do have a third child, he just doesn't pose for me as often...)


Abbie H. said...

Awwww-what an adorable puppy and such a funny story to accompany him! lol

Reminds me of when I brought a cute, little kitten home without my husbands approval. We will just say, it didn't go over to well and I had to take him back.

Debb said...

SUCH A CUTE STORY! Yes, I would be completely unable to send back a pup with such adorable eyes too! Hilarious that you had your hubby sweating a few days though! Guess its a good thing that this trip to Africa, I will be taking my hubby with me! Ha! See ya in Feb!