Wednesday, April 28, 2010

My Little Man

After all the talk about big boy's mad baseball skills - I thought it only fair to showcase our next ESPN hero:

Braeden could really have cared less for ball last year. In the yard, on the team, on the field... it was Seth's sport so Braeden just played social butterfly with the girls and other little brothers instead. Last year he would stand in the in-field, have a ball roll 2 feet away from him and he would look to the other players like, "um, ya'll gonna get that???". UNTIL this year. My boy has discovered the thrill of the game and the fact that 'my goodness, I'm pretty good at this too.'

Last week, Braeden comes up to bat, the first in that inning. He takes a few practice swings while the other team is coming on the field..... makes a 'V' with his fingers to let the pitcher (a buddy in his class) know "I'm watching you..." Sees me with the camera, smiles a big cheesy smile and crack!!! burns a triple into the outfield. Hits 3rd base, looks to the yelling paparazzi, doubling as score keeper, doubling as a team mom, and flashes the hugest "yeah, I know I'm bad" grin... which I miss capturing by mere seconds. A play later he slides perfectly into home, even though the ball was safely a good 100 feet away. Cause I just love to do clay stained laundry... that's why.
So in this weeks game, slugger comes up to bat with bases loaded. I yell "come on little man!!" to which he stops, backs out of the batters box, looks at me and says his standard response, "how can I be a MAN if I'm LITTLE????" (Never pass up a chance to question your mother. ) Recomposes, steps back in, hits it into the outfield. Drives 3 runs in and I'm sure he would have had a grand slam if he hadn't have been waving to the crowd and jogging around the bases. Another triple for the little man. The above is why I currently give up having a clean house, food in the fridge, and nightly walks. I may complain, but I wouldn't trade these moments for the world.

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