Thursday, April 22, 2010

Me thinks he might be a playa'

See this extremely adorable young man??

This kid now lives and breathes baseball. We get calls daily on what a good job he is doing on the team, how he worked his butt off, how he really was awesome that game.

He knows baseball. And yet tonight, in one of his little league games (not the tournament team) - he sees a ball hit at a diagonal, on it's way foul - and yet he races, saves it, and snatches it up fair. A real player would have let it roll foul and sent the batter back to the box. But a real player he is, hmmmm.

Did I happen to mention the batter had long curly blond hair? And just happen to be a name I heard many times last year from little brother --- "Seth loves Aaaaaaabbbbbby"?

And did I happen to mention that Abby just happened to have already struck out twice. And already had two fouls on her? And that by Seth 'saving' that foul, she was able to make it to first and not risk striking out again???? hmmmm.

Oh yeah, he's a playa. And a real sweet one at that.....

Is this not the most adorable little catcher you have EVER seen???


JG said...

Hahaha! That is adorable! :) Pretty sure that was SoldierMan at that age as well.

Beth said...

SO CUTE. Isaac has his first baseball game tomorrow! It's going to be a comedy of errors. He is the oldest on the team and only two others can really play. The 5 year olds are only there because their parents want them to play.

I think Seth is adorable, and with a kind heart taboot!

Leigh said...

YAY! I found your blog!!! :) glad to know another local family in the midst of this crazy journey!!! It was so good to meet you tonight at the concert!

Missy @ It's Almost Naptime said...

Yes. He's beautiful.

I have many moments like this with my own gorgeous blond boy.

We are both in big, big trouble when the girls start calling.