Monday, February 8, 2010


physically ill. after viewing real life. after viewing real death. I feel sick to my stomach. But I am blessed.

Blessed that my children aren't crying because they are hungry.

Blessed that I can lay my children in their own beds to sleep, in their own room, under a roof. Blessed that I can take my sick children to the doctor when they are hurting.
The images of Haiti, the stories of Haiti, they hurt to see and hear. But you know what? They are not new. It's a new place. Haiti has captured our heart for a moment, but when will America forget??

Aren't these forgotten????

The 25,000 children that die every day due to poverty.
The 1.8 million children that die every year due to diarrhea.
The 40 million people that are living with AIDS/HIV.

In 2005,
Number of children in the world = 2.2 billion
Number of children living in poverty = 1 billion
1 in 3 children without adequate shelter

Still say you can't afford to help a child?? At what cost?

Sponsor a child. Donate to an orphanage. Adopt a child. Foster a child. Help someone else to adopt a child. Donate to missionaries in the field. Help give formula for babies. Give to help hunger. Give to help a pregnant woman or new infant in a third world country. Donate to help others have clean water to drink. Just give, the possibilities are endless.

** before contributing - check Charity Navigator, an independent auditing site which rates charities and their utilization of funds. Make sure the money is going where they say it is. Make sure your gift counts.

Compassion International - 4 out of 4 stars for SEVEN years by Charity navigator. sponsor a little child whom you can love on and care for personally.

Just don't let them be forgotten.

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