Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Adoption Update

The house is officially off the market.

Which is good - we love our house. The kids love our house. A big 'whoop' went up when we told them we weren't moving. (truth be told, I think the neighborhood kiddos had been praying super hard the house wouldn't sell!)

Which is also disappointing - it puts us back at square one. All along, I didn't want this adoption to be about us. And still don't. Not only do I want that little girl safe and healthy in her own bed where she belongs - but my prayer all along has been for this adoption to be a huge testament to those around us that God is still at work in this world. That prayers are answered. That He has big plans and we get to be a part of those if we take that step and say "I will".

We knew that if we kept the house on the market for long-term, and kept adjusting the price to try to sell it - that would not be God moving, but US moving with the market. Trying to do things on our own merit vs. letting the miracles and blessings fall where they may.

So - we are taking things step by step and letting God shine his light on the next step of the path we should take, and the next, and so on.

So - we just finished our homestudy visits about a week and a half ago. And after our social worker, (who now has a broke finger unfortunately), gets it typed up - it has to be verified by us + a bunch of people before we can send it down to Charleston and wait for permission to adopt an orphan. So the paperwork process is almost, getting closer, to being finished.

So - now we are just praying for that next step to be shown. A fundraiser in the mix. A huge commission sale for Tony. A distant relative leaving an inheritance. A win on a game show .....

As I mentioned before, I can't change the amount given on my chip-in slider but I can change the amount requested. So the $15,500 needed has moved down to $15,000 as some super, loving, awesome friends of ours - that rock both literally and as friends, have chipped in to help bring Olivia home. Thank you guys!!!!! We are now at needing $5400 to submit our dossier and get on the waiting list for a baby girl. And I'm not stressing cause I know HE's got it covered. (Not stressing till due date anyway..... then ask me how my faith is holding up!)

Hebrews 11:1 "Faith is being sure of what we hope for and certain of what we do not see."

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JG said...

You are walking by faith, and in the end you can say "The Lord has done great things for us!" God is in it, so HE will make it happen. Still praying for you, for funds and efficient processing. Thanks for the update.