Saturday, November 7, 2009

Almost funny - but not at all

Writer's block, busy life, pessimism - call it what you want but I've had no nuggets of wisdom or things just to make you go 'ahhh' recently so I've abstained from boring posts. Until now...

I've spent the day in bed with a 101 fever so I choose today to write. Makes no sense what-so-ever. But here goes it, my life in the last two weeks:

- Two Saturdays ago, Seth has a baseball tournament 2 hours away, wakes up with a 101 fever. But even as I am telling the men of the house, "we can't take him with a fever", my child is putting his uniform on and saying he feels fine. We call the coaches who tell us "well, if he wants to play...." So we head out with him doped up on ibuprofen. Oh sweet medicine, you have become my very bestest friend. I learn that I have a lot to learn with being a sports mom. Dope 'em up and keep going. "My foot is falling off? Wrap it good, give me two aspirin, and let me get back out there! "

- Sunday morning it is up to 103. This time mom puts her foot down. Or the fact that he couldn't sit up or make cohesive sentences. So we missed the second day of tournament ball.

- Sunday night my grandfather passes after a long battle with Alzheimer's. We delay going home to N.C. until we see how Seth is doing.

- Monday I take Braeden into school and stay for his awards day. I don't even bring the camera as I figure if I do, and he doesn't win anything, I will look like a dork. Instead, he makes his mom look like a dork without a camera as he wears out a new path up and down off the stage. Here is my little smarty pants, who takes after his mom, of course:
Yes my friends, that would be every award available to a 1st grader but one. Two kids were chosen for awards out of each class. My child swept the boards! Little show-off.

- Tuesday we head to N.C. for the funeral with Seth still feverish with a nasty cough. Nebulizer in tow. We hit Rock Hill and the engine starts giving us trouble with Tony not being able to get it to go past 40 MPH. Thank goodness a Ford place was in his sights and we pay $127 to have a diagnostic run. To find out that it is only the air filter which had been shoved in too far. $127 for a $6 air filter. I credit Obama-nomics.

- Seth is sick until the following Monday (that would be nine days) when his cough sounds even more crackly and he is struggling to breath. Back to the Dr. for an antibiotic. (we are now up to $120 in co-pays)

- Tuesday Braeden's PE teacher asks me what is wrong with his finger. It's only completely blue and swelled to twice it's size. With what looks like a huge blister all around it. So, back to the Dr., who has to drain it and send off a culture as it looks like MRSA. Just FYI, the Mayo Clinic site description, first paragraph : "MRSA can be fatal." This kid - if it is not a fishhook in the eye, it is a finger ready to fall off...... that he neglects to tell me about. The test comes back positive for bacteria and he is put on a high powered antibiotic, three bottles to be completely taken over the next 10 days. Copay total now at $160.

- And today, I'm running a fever. Like I said, it's almost funny, but not really. The high point of my life is getting a call from our homestudy worker who will be coming out on Thursday for our first visit. It's sad when the high point would be that that will force us to actually clean this house, which has been sorely neglected in all the excitement. I'm almost giddy..... must be the ibuprofen.


Hall Family said...

WOW! Talk about one thing after another! Praying for you all!

jamullins said...

Oh...scarves! Can't wait!