Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Feb 2007 - Sick Days

Today was a crappy day. One tip about being self-employed - you need to work. I really NEED to work. I miss an appointment with a client, I don't get paid. My bank account is screaming, you NEED to work. So this morning, on the way out to see a new client (read as: mo money), the babes are all safely buckled in their carseats, I back out and then hear that tale-tale sound. Throwing up. Now for those of you that aren't parents, you can imagine that this is the worst sound to a parents' ears. This one sound can totally change the next 24-48 hours of your life. So I put it in reverse and find my lovelies completely covered, car seats covered, floor board, back seat, middle seat. This crap is everywhere. Lovely. For those of you again, that aren't parents - we often give that old adage of "as long as it's your kid, it's not that bad to clean up". Today, that adage was crap. I was gagging... suffocating.... in my own car for the next hour as I cleaned every nook and cranny this stuff had found it's way into. So now I'm giving baths, doing laundry, washing dishes.... and making phone calls to reschedule my desired appointments. Man, I am one happy woman.

So as sick baby sleeps her morning away, I go to list #2 - the "stuff I never get done" list. As I am out gardening, my adorable 4 year old is playing happily in the yard. I put him to work carrying the bucket as I cut flowers back. Here we are, on my crappy day, gardening together. He's telling me "God made the flowers", "God made the trees", and then for no reason... "I love you Mommy". I kiss him on the lips and after we're done, we spend the next two hours in play-doh, doodling, and making birthday cupcakes. Suddenly the sun is shining just a little brighter.

So here's my point... while I saw my day as a total waste, he saw it in the light I should have from the start. Children are able to see God's blessings so much easier than we are. And while I was upset at having screwed my schedule up, he was more than happy to give up his storytime at school to spend time doing chores with mommy. Why can't we be more like that? Why is it, that as adults, we see time spent staring at the next American Idol as more important than time spent playing catch with who should be the most important Americans to us? If we were given a new Mustang, would we let it sit in the back yard while we drove around a beat up Honda? Yet that is exactly what I do to our children everyday. God has given us these special beings as gifts. Gifts that we are to take care of and enjoy only for a short time. And yet we put so many other nonsignificant errands, shows, or hobbies above that gift.

So as I sit in my big comfy chair, and snuggle with my sweaty, feverish infant, I can't help to think - what an awesome day this was. That "stuff I never get done" list will just have to wait another day.

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