Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Weight Watchers be gone!

Another month, another ice cream...

Since it's o.k. for pregnant women to eat ice cream, and since usually pregnant women aren't doing Weight Watchers, it's o.k. for paper pregnant mommies to forget about that diet for one day too. It's only reasonable and fair.

Sunday was our DTEversary celebration and we were officially.....

6 Months DTE!!
And we have moved from #9, to #7 for approximately one day, and back to #8!! (It's complicated, don't ask..)

So on our agencies yahoo group, we are unofficially #8 in line for a baby girl! A long way from the #27 we started with 6 months ago! Our agency still estimates time from DTE to referral of a baby girl to be 7-11 months. 1 more month til crunch time! Hopefully.

And to celebrate, the flavor of the month was:

Half Baked

Oh goodness, goodness. I know I said we had our favorite a few months back but this one ROCKED! Chocolate and vanilla swirled ice cream, bits of squishy fudge brownies, AND globs of choc. chip cookie dough. Heaven I tell ya!!!

And if I hadn't just brushed my teeth, I would so be breaking into those few spoonfuls that only mommy knows still reside in the container. In the freezer. Waaaaaay in the back. Just sayin'.


Christina Anderson said...

Tracy - we are chugging right along with you guys on the DTE, referral numbers (I think we are right close to one another), and the ice cream! :) I can't wait until we meet our precious daughters! Sooner than later I'm prayerful!

JG said...

Wow, did I miss the break into the top ten? That's so exciting! Here's for charging onward and upward!