Sunday, March 27, 2011

In the Zone

Funny how when I told my mom we were having ice cream tonight she knew what day it must be -
7 Month DTE-versary!!!!!
And we are #6 in line for baby girl!! What is even more exciting is that our agency's estimation on time from DTE date to referral date is currently 7-11 months. So we are officially 'in the zone'!! Meaning that it could be anywhere from 1 week (but most likely not) to 4 months until we see her little face for the very first time. In the adoption world - rumors, speculations, etc abound and my new favorite is that a traveling family noted that there were 30 babies between the two baby rooms in our transition home. 30 babies under the ages of 12 months (we are requesting a baby 0-12 months). And of those, my friends are estimating that 20 are on our list now as in the process waiting for their mommies and daddies to come and bring them home. So 10 left, maybe. And guess what number we are overall in the line for 0-12 mos babies????? #10. Sweeet. Kinda like this:
Red Velvet Cake Ice Cream
This month, I chose a flavor for my honey. Since, truth be told, the following months have pretty much been to my flavor favs. And he loves Red Velvet cake..... but told me that he would have rather had ice cream with chocolate. Now ya tell me! This one was Red Velvet cake batter ice cream with pieces of red cake, and a cream cheese icing swirl. Ugh. The big boy hated it. The middle boy loved it. And the girl, she ate it all. The bigger boy said it was 'pretty good' and I, well, I just wasted a many a calorie on it and am glad that it wont be teasing me from the freezer tomorrow. Next month (if there has to be one), back to something with chocolate!!


Christina Anderson said...

Tracy such EXCITING NEWS!!! We are right behind you guys in waiting! I'm so excited for us to each see those sweet babies faces! :)

JG said...

That's so exciting! I can't wait to see your "Off to Africa" post (I'm sure you can't wait to write it!)

Sandy said...

Oh, Tracy...this is wonderful!!!!
I am praying for earlier than later for you guys.....
Maybe I will be able to see all of you at church when I come down to visit my daughter and our grands...
Love ya,