Friday, April 24, 2009

Das Not Funny Friday

So in this week's addition of Das Not Funny we have:

** Addison's sweet spanking: I had bought a gift for my friend Jerry in Ethiopia for her upcoming graduation. Thank goodness I had followed my roommate Gina to buy extremely over-priced miniature Snickers bars in the airport gift store or I may have just had to be hospitalized from chocolate-withdrawal shakes while over-seas. Ethiopia shops aren't laden with Almond Joys, Twix, or even Hershey Kisses. I KNOW, I couldn't believe it either!!! So, I thought best to include my new friend in my addiction (so now I guess I'm an international dealer) and I included two bags of MnMs in the box. Since they melt in your mouth and not in the international package postal box, I hope...

So while I was putting the gift together, Addison picked up the plain pink MnMs and I said, "don't touch those, those are for mommy's friend in Ethiopia." So a few minutes later I hear, chink-chink-plink-dink (hey, that's the closest I can come to writing out how little candy sounds hitting the floor). So I go to her, being a little ticked I can't mail the box the next day, and fuss about disobeying mommy and stealing the candy right AFTER I had just said, don't take that. But hey, I should have had more compassion as this IS my child and a girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do to feed the habit. So I put her in bed and proceed to sit in front of the computer and eat the jumbo sized bag of plain MnMs. Cause I couldn't give them to her, right? That would have just been wrong! Thank goodness she didn't open the peanut bag, cause I'm not all about the peanut, it clashes with the chocolately heaven that is Hershey.

** Braeden's nutritional advice - My father-in-law dropped in to visit this weekend. The kids only see him a couple times a year and Braeden proclaimed with all seriousness, "Why is Papaw's belly so BIG?? He needs to eat some vegetables!" I could only laugh.. and agree..

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