Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Baseball Fan

I know it's only the beginning, but today was the first of many whirlwind spring baseball days. Braeden and Seth both had 5:30 practices. T helps coach Seth so that put him on that field and myself and Addison on the other, watching my little clown. So after having a quick dinner ready at 5, which didn't get eaten as sandwiches were way quicker and eaten on the way to practice (live and learn)... the boys were on their way.

The coach has said that Braeden has one of the best forms that he has seen in someone so young. That he is a natural and will probably make a great pitcher. But my little laid back son - he is hilarious as he stands in ultra-serious form with his little elbow cocked up and hits the ball to the outfield.... and then trots around the bases in what I'm pretty sure is the slowest speed that child has. The boy runs everywhere he goes!! He is still about 2 sizes smaller than what he should be as he runs off the massive amounts of food he ingests. Seriously, I am contemplating saving for future grocery bills vs. a college saving account. When I called him on moving so slowly around the bases, he told me "but these shoes are heavy!" Those skinny chicken legs can only handle so much!

After practice today, we rush home to get the kids baths and then my sweet hubby had arranged for a neighbor to come sit with the sleeping kids so I could go to his church softball game at 8:30. I have no idea what the final score was, but let's just say it was probably triple digits vs. single digits. The women in the stands were concerned that our team would never get the opportunity to bat as the first half of the inning just kept going, and going, and going. I'm just glad the guys took it in stride and were laughing about it. But to brag - my man hit it out too!! I think he was just showing off cause his girl was there.... Too bad I didn't bring out the old letter jacket or I really would have felt at home...

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