Tuesday, December 16, 2008

No more baby Wages'

We had Addison's third birthday party this past weekend at my parent's house in N.C. so that the relatives could come. The ensuing dress-up and present opening sessions rivaled a nuclear bomb going off in their living room. The boys were so funny, escaping off to a corner to color or watch T.V. Just trying to avoid the screaming, crying toddlers who were all ready for naptime. But I was just happy to celebrate our break-away from diapers, bottles, and night-time feedings with the girly-est, jewel laden, prissy little girl tea party / induction into big girlhood possible.

Our Aunt Donna gave her the cutest little nurse set with scrubs and medical bag. She then threw in the white coat. Addison rejected the nurse's scrubs for the white coat as she 'wanted to be a Dr.' One day long ago I could relate, then I realized being a mom was much more fun.
So funny with the way she talks to her dolls and is her own best playmate. My parent's entire floor was covered with Barbie and baby doll paraphernalia. I am so proud, I finally have my own mini-me.
My baby is all grown up. She doesn't even look like a toddler anymore, sniff-sniff.
Dress up before our 'tea party'. I call this the 'gangsta-diva' look.
I love making all their birthday cakes. They usually start requesting certain themes months in advance and it is so much fun figuring out new ways to make them unique. But - a little stressful when trying to ice a cake 2 hours before the guests arrive (hey, what can I say? I am a procrastinator). T thinks it is hilarious we always have to take a picture of the cake before we cut it. If I spend 2 hours on a cake, I want those kids to remember it later and torture their wives with "well my mom use to always do it this way...." !!


Anonymous said...

It is so amazing how fast they grow up! I was looking at pictures of my now 2 1/2 year old, when she was *only* two. She looks so much older in only six months! Oh- I love the cake!

Abbie H. said...

I'm going to agree with Britt on the cake! It is adorable--as is your daughter! I totally understand about taking pics of the cake. It's a must have!!! I would be curious to see the other cakes sometime if you made them!