Thank you so much to all who have helped to purchase items in the past to bring Olivia home!!!    For anyone new, Olivia came home on May 12, 2012 and has been doing fantastic!!  She is such a joy to all who meet her.

Why still fundraising??  God provided for our adoption EVERY step of the way.   And after we receive a grant coming later in the year, we will be almost adoption debt free.  However, for my last trip to pick her up - I felt the need to be proactive 'just in case' we got a quick call to go and get her - and got a low interest credit card.    In which case I believe God said, "OH... you've got that covered.  Go with it then!"   So that is our only charged amount I still have left to pay back - my/her plane tickets and our travel costs in-country - around $4000.   So if you feel led to still order, please do as I still have product in stock and payments to make!

There has been some confusion on how to order, you can...
1)  click on the PayPal DONATION button to the right and enter the amount for your order to pay.  Under the 'special instructions' section, leave me a comment about what you would like.   PayPal gives me your address and we are good to go!
2)  Leave me a comment on the blog, anywhere on the blog regarding what you would like to order.    Comments come straight to my inbox and will not be published anywhere on this site (in case you are wanting to surprise someone or don't want your email floating around).   PLEASE make sure to give your email address - many have their setting to 'no reply' and so I can't, well, reply)

A donation of $2-4 for shipping is appreciated but not required.    Please remember we live on the East Coast so to ship something past the Mississippi usually cost me around $4-$6 so if we could split the difference, that would be great.  Otherwise my profit on a ornament, necklace, etc would be zip.

Our Old and NEW items --- (click on any picture to see more detail)
NEW -- Tuarang "Cross of Agadez" 
on black beaded necklace - $12 
silver pendant; story is that the arrows point to the four corners of the world.   Fathers would pass necklaces down to their sons with the saying "wherever you go in the world, God and I will go with you."   Made in Mali.

NEW -- Trade Bead Bracelets - $3 each
Made in Mali; bracelets are elastic and will fit adults or young girls.  Colors vary.

 African-themed necklaces - $5 each
16 inch.   Some with silver claw clasp, some adjustable straps (as shown) 
please ask before ordering as I am sold out of some styles.

100% Aloe Butter - $14 (4 oz.)
Made with virgin coconut oil for smooth texture that melts on skin contact.  This worked GREAT on a bad sunburn Braeden had.   It's not sticky or smelly like the commercial chemical concoctions.

Banana Leaf Santas $4 each

Hand-crafted in Kenya, this unique banana leaf ornament takes hours to create by cutting banana leaves and pasting them together to form this intricate shape. Some of the leaves are painted or dyed to give santa his red coat and hat. 5" tall 

Asst of recycled magazine bead necklaces - $12 each

- made in Kenya -

magazine bead bracelets; elastic - $5

Carved Ivory necklaces - $3
- made in Kenya -
Brown Ivory Bracelets (designs vary) - $5
- Made in Kenya -

Bangle sets - $5
made from woven nylon threads around water reeds.  So extremely light and waterproof.
-made in Mali -

Beauty Products - you can't smell these on the web but these are my best sellers!! With tons of repeat customers as these soaps are made of natural products (most ALL natural) - with tons of lather and great skin healing properties.

(FOR ECZEMA: my little girl had awful eczema last winter. This winter I have been bathing her in one of our shea butter soaps. I forgot to use it for about a week and the eczema showed back up!! Switched back to the shea butter and treated her spots with my Shea/Mango butter and it was all clear in two days!)

All Natural Body Butters
Mango Butter - recommended by dermatologist for fine lines - $16 for 4 oz.

100% Virgin Coconut Oil - soft creamy oil moisturizes skin while fighting away wrinkles, blemishes, and chronic eczema.- $10

Shea/Mango Butter - works great to treat eczema - $10

Shea/Aloe Butter - also great for skin problems with healing aloe - $10

Shea Butter - $10 (filtered; smooth)   $8  (unfiltered, a little grainier)

Aloe Butter - for sunburns, eczema, psoriasis, dry patches, chapped lips $14

Cocoa Butter - used for stretch marks, chapped lips, etc  $12

Olive Butter - Creamy and full of natural vitamins, essential minerals, and antioxidants-all healing elements for the skin.  $12

All Soaps - $5 each OR $13 for 3

Children's Items:

Stuffed zebras and giraffes - $6 each
-handmade in Kenya -
Tic Toc drums - $6 each
- handmade in Kenya -

Taggie Blankets - $15

Sweet little comfort blankets for babies to hold and rub the silky tags.

(generously made and donated by my sweet friend Stephanie - master seamstress!)

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