Monday, April 2, 2012

My Kid Rocks Monday

My friend Missy at 'it's almost naptime' started a new, fun game where moms are given a platform to brag on their kiddos every Monday vs. the usual - I am so tiiiiiiiiired of taking care of these little monkeys and their endless messes! (not that I would ever say something like that!)

So for my first edition I set forth my first born. Who Tony calls his little twin, but I know that under the surface, he is his mother's son to the very core.

Exhibit A:

The Big Brother Journal

Seth had asked to start a blog (like his mommy). I helped him set it up, saw them deny it because he was too young, so gave him my own google password and said 'here son, I pass you the baton'. Or something like that.

He wrote the post while I was taking Braeden to ball practice (read as: while I was sunbathing, chatting with other moms, and reading for 2 perfect, gorgeous hours I should have been cleaning). With only a couple 'how do I do XX?' texts - he did it completely independently.

I expected a post about the long plane ride, or the wild animals we saw. But oh no - he had to go THERE and make mommy cry. I love him. My kid rocks.


Amanda said...

So sweet! What an amazing big brother!

Shonya said...

Love it! It truly is amazing how adoption journeys affect our older children. The Lord has used these journeys to develop a rich faith and awareness in my older two.

I agree, Missy's idea is so fun! :)

Rebecca said...

Wonderful! And what a great idea. :) It actually ties perfectly together with a link up I started a few months ago! Moms Against Manic Mondays. ;) You can link to both! And I'll find your friends link up too. :)

JG said...

Oh my goodness, melt my heart - that picture AND his post!