Saturday, October 29, 2011

Precious Photos

May I just point out the precious children captured in this perfect photograph??

And may I also point out the status of how valuable a digital camera is with 3 children?? And the sheer beauty of capturing the perfect picture? When you have faces like these ------

With these gorgeous eyes ---------

Or these loving looks ---------

And these award-winning smiles -----------

Or with expert (but unplanned) prop placements ----------------

It's only with the most precious photos that we capture the preciousness of these children ----

6 snaps to get 1 good shot...
can you imagine how much footage I'll go through when we increase the child number to 4??? Although if you evaluate the above, I think it may be one child in particular that I am having the most difficulty with??

1 comment:

The Beaver Bunch said...

That flower behind the ear is hysterical. And brilliant. I mean, sly enough for you to really gaze at the picture in a Mommy-ish fashion, looking tenderly at the faces of your family then.....


Mercy. Brilliant I tell ya.