Wednesday, December 9, 2009

what I'm figuring out

Adoption mommies stick together.
America World mommies pray together.
America World mommies cry together.
America World mommies rock.
So glad I get to be an America World mommy.

(This mommy wants to win a huge bag of adoption 'stuff'.)

So this mommy is shameless enough to direct you to this all-purpose, one of the smartest American World Adoption mommies out there - Kari Gibson. (Her baby is one of THE cutest I have ever seen.) She's written several children's books. She has the most comprehensive blog/website regarding adoption and Christian parenting out there, and she's starting Ethiopian adoption #2. Go take a look!!

1 comment:

Kari said...

You get an extra entry for giving me gooseybumps reading your shout out. That was realllly cool:))
I love your blog!!!
Thanks for the cheers for our 2nd adoption!
Good luck on winning my crazy giveaway!!