Monday, October 5, 2009

Playing on our see-saw

We had our first call to show the house - UUPPPPPP!!!
Freak out and run around like mad woman and children throwing every stray item into Daddy's car trunk - DOOOOOOWN!!
Come back an hour later and they are still here - UUUUUPPP!!
Get the offer the next morning, $16,000 less than asking AND want us to pay $5200 in closing costs (did my house make you high???) - DOOOOOOWWWWWN!!

Finish all paperwork and write check to mail in for home study to start - UUPPPP!!!
Look at our poor, pathetic pickle jar and the stray raffle tickets in the bottom - DOOOWWWN!!
Get two, too-generous donations from friends this morning and a letter I will be putting in our scrapbook for Olivia - UUUUUPP!!

So right now I'm up. Yeah! Thank you so much to you, my old friend, that wrote my letter - as it came on a rainy migraine morning when I needed it so much. To those of you who continually are encouraging us in this journey and pressing us on - your support has been invaluable.

SO - we have now just sent off the $1000 for the home study to begin. We have done one required internet training on cultural diversity, and have one more to start (8-10 hours long, so we're (Tony's) procrastinating on that one). I'm going to start posting our dates and amounts spent in the side bar just because I have really been encouraged and informed on other adoption blogs by such lists. It really does show why your support (both financially AND personally) is so invaluable when you see all that is involved in trying to heed God's call to bring home a new family member.

And after this morning - we are at $915 towards the $1500 needed to start the dossier process by officially signing our application with America World. That's only $585 to step one more step up the ladder!! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!! And keep spreading the word, anybody need a raffle ticket???????????


Katie Funk Goodwin said...

Before I forget (again- I think Mark took my brain with him to Afghanistan), can I get your mailing address? I want to buy some tickets but would rather mail you a check. You can send it to me on facebook or something :) Still praying the house sells rapidly!

The Beaver Bunch said...

You are selling your house as well? I'm so behind reading blogs. For, real.

They offered THAT much less? Wow. We are thinking we are going to get an offer soon and I pray that if they offer something it will be semi-close to our asking price.

Praying for funds for your fam.

SiLa said...

Thanks for updates. We will continue to pray with you :) God does miracle today as He did them in the past. It doesn't matter if you see temporarily obstacles (low price on the house), but "with God all things are possible".
Slowly or quickly, in His time it will be fulfill what He has promised.