Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Food Stamps Greater than Lives of Two Babies??

"Shaking my head...reprehensible.... makes me sick..... heartless"   The video making it's rounds on Facebook makes me want to throw up.  How someone, much less a family member, can laugh as they say that they care more about whether or not their food stamp card and purse survived a fire, than the lives of 2 toddlers - it IS sickening.    How we would all love to be judge and jury in this case..

What is our society coming to that someone can value a purse or grocery money more than a child?

What is our society coming to when a mother can leave her babies at home alone so she can take some dude home who cut her yard?

But as my mouse hovered over 'Share' with angry comments boiling over ...the Holy Spirit spoke and said, "she's no different than you and most you know..."

What is our society coming to that someone can value grocery money over the life of a child???
**** How often do WE have expensive meat with our meals, or eat out, or drink Starbucks coffee - while 16,000 children die of hunger every DAY.   
**** Do you know how many wealthy Christians have turned me down with child sponsorships - $34 a month to help feed/educate/give Christ to a child?   Too expensive? 
**** How many of those same Christians who can't afford to help a child they don't know personally, take expensive vacations, or buy new cars, or have their kids in expensive sports or gymnastics (like we do)...
**** Do you know how many people I have watched buy T-shirts and $20 Cd's at concerts, but pass right by sponsorship tables without even a glance?   

What is our society coming to that someone can value their own pleasures vs. taking care of a child's health (i.e. - taking some dude home while their toddlers hang out at home alone to start a fatal fire)??
**** How often have we passed along funny videos, articles, status updates - but how often have we even taken a sec to read or pray for children all over the world begging for someone to help who are orphaned, sick, sold, prostituted...
**** Funny posts - around 55+  'likes'.
**** Post about 33 orphaned children who died from diarrhea in two days in the Congo - ONE like.
**** Post about the need for the church to rise up and take care of the orphan - NO likes.

I know it is hard to stomach.   It is easier not to even go there...

I know it is hard to hear another sad story about poor orphan children overseas.  Or sick kids.  Or child slavery.    It is easier to keep our eyes closed....

But you know what?  I bet it was hard for those neighbors to watch those kid's lifeless bodies brought out of that home after they waited too long to respond to their cries. 

And that is what most of us do as we choose our own pleasures over sounding the warning alarm that it is OUR job to band together to save these children, before it is too late for them. 

As one person, we may think we are too small for an impact.  But one person could have busted that door down and saved those crying little boys.   And only 1 person, with 15,999 others, could abolish all the children dying of hunger today around the world.   In 2010, almost 14,500 children were in our state's foster care system.   1,700 of those children were waiting for a family.

1 person deciding that they are that one person to break down society's norms for the sake of 1 child??

THAT would have me shaking my head, but in a good way.

Need ideas on ways to help???  Research yourself, or ask - I'm sure I could recommend about 50 safe and impactful ways to help!