Thursday, August 25, 2011

Oh, I have a blog????

Cause I obviously forgot that....

just realized I have been awful about updating.

'Banding Together' update - our yahoo group's one day, full-court press to raise money for the famine relief organizations raised $4030!!!!!!

The breakdown goes like this:
  • World Food Programme - $190
  • Doctor's Without Borders - $425
  • Children's HopeChest - $1,085 (most earmarked for the TOG well)
  • World Vision - $2,195
Thank you so much to anyone who went and donated. And don't let it stop there, continue to spread the word about the situation in the Horn of Africa because every little bit helps. We may not have any more prizes to give out, but just the joy of knowing you helped to feed a little one in the midst of starvation will be more than worth it.
** our site is still up and running as a link to other aid agencies

In other news, or really, non-news:

We received our 'on deck' email June 22, 2011.

Yeah, I'm a little behind the 8 ball on that one. Two whole months behind. BUT, in my defense, it was met with little fanfare. The 'on deck' email that I had been wishing for for months didn't rock my world as I had hoped it would because it was also sent around the same time as another email stating the wait times for infant girls had increased from 8-11 months to 12-18 months.

On deck status is 'suppose' to mean that you can expect a referral in 1-3 months. I have always said that I thought that when someone goes 'on deck' it means they have been matched with a child, she is in the transition home, and they are working on her paperwork. How else could it explain them being able to say your referral is forthcoming soon? But as the current waiting families have been waiting on deck since September, the excitement waned as it just doesn't hold true. Things happen, countries change, government policies change... so we are still waiting.

Another miss - July 27th we had been waiting 11 months DTE. And were at number #5 on the waiting list. As this number was UP one since the month before due to a family ahead of us changing their request - I didn't make the kids suffer through doing their drawings and picture post. We switched ice cream brands as well. Eddi's girl scout cookie ice cream was MUCH better by the way.

However, the ice cream change didn't work it's magic as on Saturday, we will be :

1 Year DTE
and we are still #5.

Nuf said bout that.

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