Sunday, April 17, 2011


We gave a Teddy a baby and it made us smile.
And giving that Baby Teddy a baby made Teddy's mommy smile.

(Couldn't resist - that sentence was just begging me to be written.)

For those who know me - you'll know how passionate I am for Compassion International and the unbelievable, life-changing work that they do with children all over the world.

You'd also know how much I love my own Compassion children and cherish the relationships that are developing between them and my own children.

But about 6 months ago, someone suggested for me to be friends with a lady named Christie on Facebook. Christie was dropping everything and moving to Uganda. To live in a little village plagued by witchcraft. Her story intrigued me, so I jumped on board and started following her on Facebook and through her blog: Compass in my Heart

Since then - Christie, her new husband, and her friends from all over the US, have helped to bring a school to that little village. And then, through a yearly contribution, sponsorships to bring little children into that school where they can be educated, and learn about a Jesus who loves them. Where they are receiving basic de-worming and malaria medicine, and shoes/clothing.

And then a bad drought hit, the worst in many years. Where the little water they could dip out of a shallow puddle/creek was too dirty to try to drink and was making all the children sick.

And then, through donations and some very kind souls, a borehole was drilled and the village now has unending, clean water. Doesn't it remind you of the story of Jesus at the well and His water that never runs dry??

So back to Teddy. While I love Compassion, I felt like God had called Christie to help this village. And I had watched as He had provided for their needs - so shouldn't I also dig a little deeper and embrace this chance again to love one of the least of these??

So we picked Teddy. A four year old little girl with 2 big brothers and a big sister. Each of the other kids have their own sponsored child through Compassion so I picked Teddy in honor of Olivia. We pray for them all every night and love watching them grow older and grow in their love for Christ.

We had the most fun putting a care package together to send to her with our family photos, her photo, some candy, cups, toothbrushes, coloring book, etc. And we shipped it all the way to Uganda.

Addison went and chose a small doll of hers that she wanted to give to Teddy - a little fairy cabbage patch kid.

This one:

And she wanted to give her the little bag she had just made in Bible School. So we modified it from 'Addison' to "Addison loves Teddy". Like this:

Addison filled it with about 10 drawings and coloring pages! And we included her photo, as most have never seen a photo of themselves. Her mother loved it!

So Teddy was able to 'meet' our family from afar. As were her family and friends:
So my point - the opportunities are everywhere. Little ways and places for you to send Christ's love. And while we didn't get a smile (this time) out of our shy little Teddy - I hope that she knows that someone all the way across the ocean loves her. And I hope that she learns more about Jesus in the school she can now go to. And I love that Teddy can now drink from clean water vs. the bacteria invested water she was drinking before Christie came to live with them. And I hope that my 3 children will continue to learn that the biggest smiles sometimes come from those that give, no matter how little, as just a little love can make the biggest differences.

You can make a difference by:
supporting Christie through donating or purchasing Ugandan beads, sandals, or sling purses.
or support a child through Compassion International

Leave a comment if you have a great organization that you love to make a difference with ---


Angi: Tim Cooper said...

Tracy- We also sponsor a little girl through Compass in My Heart! That is ironic :) or maybe I should say "That is Jesus" choosing to help this way is such a huge blessing! Thanks for setting the bar- I'm gonna go out and buy our little friend a care package too :) What a special gift for Teddy's family- a BIG hit for sure! Angi Cooper

Christina said...

This is awesome Tracy!! Thank you for sharing.

Beth said...

How cool is that? So cool.

Christie said...

Some mornings just call for a 7:45am sobfest. The borehole's in our front yard, so God uses it every single day to remind me of His power. As I watch the children play during their recess and He reminds me of what He has done in our village in such a short time. And I smile. He could do it all by Himself. He certainly doesn't need me. But He uses. And it makes my heart want to burst. Thanks for this post, sweet sister!

Jeannette said...

Hi there, being adopted myself I think it's an amazing thing you are doing for your baby girl!

PS...check out Me And My Soldier Man... there is a surprise for you there from me. :0)

Michelle ~ Blogging from the Boonies said...

Aw, what a great opportunity to be able to send some goodies to her! I am in the process of packing up a gallon sized ziplock with some goodies for our first CI child in Ghana. It is hard to decide what to send, but I think I am going to make a small purse and try to find something cuddly like a Beanie Baby. I already bought a kaleidoscope and a ball and toothbrushes and crayons/pencils.

Thanks for sharing your story and these pictures!